My Love Of JRPGs Is Dying

For someone who has dedicated hundreds of memorable hours to the best this sub-genre has ever offered, it's difficult to accept such a sad fact.

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wishingW3L2143d ago

I still play the old ones though... Between 2011 and 2012 I have beaten FF6, FF9, Suikoden, Parasite Eve and that's all. I think I'm gonna play Xenogears during Christmas vacation but the Mass Effect Trilogy is looking tempting since I have never played any of them on PS3. I wanna play Suikoden II too but the game's really expensive and for some reason Konami doesn't want to put it up on PSN already. =/

And still hyped for FFvs BTW! Believe it! And hoping that Sega someday brings up another Valkyria Chronicles game to consoles.

gillri2142d ago

I wish I was you, the entire ME trilogy to play for the first time! man your gonna have fun with that!

best universe ever created! yes that include middle earth and star wars, you ll get 40 hour for M1 and 2 each and about 30 for ME3

as for JRPG;s I have only played 3 in 5 years, thats Dragon Quest VIII, Dark Souls and Xenoblade Chronicles

Snookies122143d ago

I agree most these days are lacking, but honestly give a try to Xenoblade or Tales of Graces F. Those two have been beyond fantastic!

Also, to those that haven't played the Ys series yet, if you have a PC and Steam, you need to get Ys Origin. It's simply amazing in so many ways. Sure it's an older game (2005-2006) but still wonderful.

LOGICWINS2142d ago

I'll def buy Tales of Graces F once I finish up Persona 4 and Valkyria Chronicles. PLENTY of people have recommended it to me.

Snookies122142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

It's a little... "stiff" feeling at first, but once you start getting into it, you'll be glad you did. Also, if you have any friends, it's really fun to co-op battles in that game and helps greatly in harder difficulties with boss battles.

Yes though, finish up Persona 4. That game had me hooked nonstop from start to finish.

LOGICWINS2142d ago

My friends aren't into JRPGs like me unfortunately. But I'll def buy it at some point.