OXCGN’s FIFA13 vs PES13 Derby Review: Who wins the 2012 Premiership?


"There’s a massive overhaul in both franchises from menu layouts, gameplay and added features. No stone has been left un-turned in bringing the most realistic representation of the world’s beautiful game.

I’ve split up this review in to different categories to directly compare certain aspects of both FIFA13 and PES13 (Pro Evolution Soccer 13).

We’ll start off with the what makes these football titles tick, the gameplay, as without it everything else practically falls apart.

Which of the two wins the 2012 Premiership?"

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BadCircuit2223d ago

Fifa still seems a bit more casual friendly, so I'll go with that one...

gaminoz2223d ago

I'm actually surprised a bit that both can keep doing an annual title.

So many other sports games seem to be struggling.

Proeliator2223d ago

Never been much of a fan of sports games, but the tech behind this year's FIFA is interesting.

Belgavion2223d ago

PES cover is way cooler

BootHammer2223d ago

Always been a Fifa fan myself. Wil have to check out PES though and see what it offers.