The Ultimate Black Friday 2012 Video Gaming List

Black Friday - a gamer's dream day where one gets to load up on video games at great prices to, hopefully, last all through the winter VG hibernation period. It’s also time to save mega money on the hottest games of the year.

Rather than chasing ads and articles all over the Internet we've created the Ultimate Black Friday 2012 Video Gaming List where all the deals can be accessed in one place. Now 4 years in the running.


Fixed some $$$ and typos - thanks Relientk77, MattyG, cpayne93
Updated store and sales times.
Updated official ads links for Walmart, Best Buy, Kmart

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arcsoft1626d ago

Nice compilation piece! I'm going to use this to formulate my plan of attack right now.

Cosmit1625d ago

If you guys want all gaming deals, black Friday or not, check out cheapassgamer. Best website for that.

arcsoft1623d ago

Also a member of Cheapassgamer. :P

Relientk771625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Under Walmart it says:

Assasins Creed (PS3) $38.96
Assasins Creed (X3600) $38.96

^ they're missing the 3

edit @ below: yea, that too

MattyG1625d ago

It also says Mortal Combat and Mortal Kombat PS Vita (PS3). Typos. Typos everywhere.

MattyG1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Yay for CPUSmith !

squallheart1625d ago

im confused for the vita system is that for any bundle i want to get the assassins creed bundle but most places have the black ops

aviator1891625d ago

Right now, all I'm looking for is a really good deal on the 3ds.
I still want to play zelda oot on-the-go.

Pillsbury11625d ago

Get oot of here ya hoser

DrDeath1625d ago

So you can get 2 games from Toys r Us for 31$? am i correct ?

CPUSmith1625d ago

No, it's Buy 1 Get 1 For $1 so even if you pay full price price for one @ $60 then get another for $1 = $60/2 = $30 each game. The prices have been added in.

cpayne931625d ago

Under Walmart it says gta for 360 dollars. And is the thing about Revelations only being for 360 right.

DrDeath1625d ago

thanks real helpful. knew something was off with my thinking there. bubble for you buddy

cpayne931625d ago

Wait, is Assasins creed revelations only for 360??? Dang, saw it for both on another site. Was gonna get that. Think I'll get darksiders and the gow saga from walmart, not sure what else.

CPUSmith1625d ago

Best Buy has a habit of putting a game on sale on BF for only one console type. There was a game I wanted last year but they only had it for the PS3 on sale.

CPUSmith1625d ago

Wow, fixed GTA - it's going for $15. I searched again - Revelations is only on sale at Best Buy and only for X360. There's still Cyber Monday to hope for.

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The story is too old to be commented.