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Gabe Newell confirms Source 2 Engine

Player Attack: How was your weekend? With any luck it was suitably awesome, and to start your week off right we have some interesting news for you: Valve's Gabe Newell has confirmed that they are building the Source 2 engine, but haven't yet had the game to roll it out with. (PC, Source Engine, Valve)

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NastyLeftHook0  +   626d ago
as a pc/ps3 player this is good
JBSleek  +   625d ago
As a gamer this is good.*
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makes sense to say pc/ps3. Most free content made with source will be charged for xbox gamers who pay for online. also ps3 has steamworks so yeah I think we will see ps4/pc games more so than pc/xbox games. Like how it is now.

on topic:
And to think we already know gamers will get to use it for there on games!
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JBSleek  +   625d ago
PS3 doesn't "really" have Steam-works so that point is moot. One game called Portal 2 which DLC hasn't been rampant on for the PS3.
Knight_Crawler  +   626d ago
Nice Gabe...now just get started on Half Life Ep3 so we can see a 2015 release date :)
SJPFTW  +   626d ago
I am surprised how well Half Life 2 has aged. Released in 2004 (last gen) still think it looks better than most games that are just releasing now.
kwyjibo  +   625d ago
Agreed. That's art direction for you.
Summons75  +   626d ago
But there will never b a source 3 as written in history.
GreenRanger  +   626d ago
I'm more concerned about what might happen if i turned the valve on the back of that guy's head.
pandehz  +   625d ago
Thats what they should make their next game about

Somebody accidentally turns the valve and all hell breaks loose
jerethdagryphon  +   625d ago
his nose starts to run
BuLLDoG909  +   626d ago
To hell with ep3, ep1 and 2 were 30euro each and when combined offered less then half of the content we got from halflife 2 alone for 50, that episodic bs is almost as bad as the free to play model..
plus valve boasted that with ep content, we would get content more often... yeah right...
Nightfallen  +   626d ago
Wonder which game will break the '3' barricade. Portal? Left 4 Dead? Half Life 3? Episode 3?

For some reason Left 4 Dead 3 sounds most exciting..
pandehz  +   625d ago
HL3 should be the one.

Half Life 2 made source engine what it is and HL3 should represent it again

@yruudios unfair you get more bubbles than me qq
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DonMingos  +   625d ago
since they don't want to count to 3, the sequel to Half-Life 2 will be named Black Mesa 2
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urwifeminder  +   625d ago
About time but source did well for a long time.
Hazmat13  +   625d ago
a new engine, first a tech demo. then the first trailer of Half Life 3. nothing says heres the game you've been waiting for like, "oh ya and its better then ever!"
jjb1981  +   625d ago
Yessssss! The best vertical sync engine in history!
Xristo  +   625d ago
Valve MUST introduce the Source 2 engine with a new Half-Life. It's their flagship. This is good news!
turgore  +   625d ago
I can only imagine... I was blown away by half life 2 back when it was released.
jon1234  +   625d ago
today is a good day to do what has to be done and live up to my family name!
ExCest  +   625d ago
As foretold by the Celtic prophecy of ages past. Or something
martin123  +   625d ago
I could have a wank to this, if my ballsack had'nt exploded... gosh dont ya hate that?
ATi_Elite  +   625d ago
"but haven't had the game to roll it out with yet"

Really? How about that Gordon Freeman game, that would do wonders on Source 2 or Better yet Day of Defeat 2 or Ricochet 2 or Alien Swarm 2 seeing how Valve can't count to 3!

Hurry up Next Gen Consoles so I can get my HL2 ep3! It's pretty obvious that's what we are waiting for!!
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Qrphe  +   625d ago
About damn time they release a new engine. It had really been holding back their games for a while.
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NYC_Gamer  +   625d ago
I hope HL3 is the first game shown on the engine

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