10 Amazingly Craptastic Video Game Movies

Jumpman of gives us his take on 10 Amazingly Craptastic Video Game Movies:

"As the film Wreck It Ralph hits theaters November 2, talk is again circulating the interwebs about video games making the jump to film. Yay? With very, very few exceptions, movies based on video games just do not make money. Good grief! Did anybody see Doom? Ugh! The saving grace of Wreck It Ralph is that the film is based on an “80’s style” game."

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Y_51502225d ago

I didn't like this. Donkey Kong three?! I see he was making fun of King Kong but the fact is there have been 3 (that I know of) King Kong movies over the years!

Axonometri2225d ago

Huh, Ugh.. What happened... I clicked the link and fell asleep.

X-Factor2225d ago

This post is funny as shite!