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It’s finally here. The game that finished first in our most anticipated games for the rest of 2012 has finally made its way into my Xbox 360. After waiting the 10 minutes to install the second disc, I entered the world of Halo 4 as created by 343 Industries, re-united with the Master Chief and Cortana, then began my adventure. Spoiler: I really liked this adventure.

- Trendy Gamers (Halo 4, Xbox 360) 10/10

Relientk77  +   620d ago
Wow, very good score for the game, indeed
TrendyGamers  +   620d ago
I really liked it!
ALLWRONG  +   620d ago
Apparently 8 people think you didn't.
otherZinc  +   619d ago
Yes, great score.

Just finished H4 on Heroic. Those rating this game low should be ashamed of themselves.

Playing H4 on Legendary now, then on to the other modes.
shodan74  +   620d ago
Can't say I'm that interested in any FPSs these days - but scores like this are certainly piquing my interest.
BitbyDeath  +   620d ago
FPS's aren't too bad when they offer co-op like Halo does.

Otherwise i tend to avoid them as well.
hennessey86  +   620d ago
One thing I am pissed of with
Is the lack of ammo, cleared an area of Prometheans had zero ammo and a drop ship dropped a load of covenant off and there was. Nothing I could do :D and I got nailed of a pack of grunts lol
bubblebeam  +   620d ago
Agreed. Not that there was a lack of ammo overall, it's just that if you ran out of ammo with your gun you were forced to pick up another.

It was annoying at times, but then again, it made me use weapons I otherwise wouldn't have bothered with, so it worked out fine.

PS: I never disagree with Metacritic scores, but how Halo 4 isn't in the 90's when Halo fans are saying it is the best since CE is beyond me. Gears 3 and Halo Reach are in the 90's, and this game puts the smack down on them IMO. They were only released 1-2 years ago respectively.
Samus HD  +   620d ago
someone gave it a 20/100 and ruined it
Norrison  +   620d ago
Troll reviews lowered it, without them it's 93
Irishguy95  +   619d ago
Honestly from the heart, best Halo yet. I'm surprised I feel that way
aviator189  +   620d ago
Lol, that happened to me once during the campaign on Lengendary and boy, I was sweating bullets.

Finally, I decided to lure two grunts to my end of the battle area, killed them with my bare hands (and the ends of my AR), took their plasma pistols and literally just went with it.

But I was pretty proud to have gotten through the majority of that battle with two plasma pistols.
Convas  +   620d ago
The true definition of a (halo) man xD
RXL  +   620d ago
should've used the bullets you were swea...


oh i see

Summons75  +   620d ago
What were you playing on? I've gone through on legendary and with the exception of the very first level, I've never once been out of ammo, especially near the end of the game. The game is great though and very challenging with enemy damage being higher than normal.
SJPFTW  +   620d ago
Scavenging for weapons + ammo is part of Halo, forces you to explore the world and to be good with an assortment of human, covenant and forunner weapons.

Master Chief is on a hostile planet that has not been discovered yet by humanity, of course their won't be weapons and ammo laying around lolol
iNFAMOUZ1  +   620d ago
well deserved, awesome game, best halo yet imo, now if they would only do a halo 2 remake, NOW THAT WOULD BE THE BEST HALO ever LOL, !! :)
BringingTheThunder  +   620d ago
they'll do a halo 2 remake probably next year
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Kinger8938  +   620d ago
I finished the campaign today and can see why its getting great scores but for me 343 played it very safe and its not as different from previous games that i was initially led to believe.

The campaign was fine but the story seemed to rely on knowing alot of the back story away from the actual games, half way through i didnt know what i was actually working towards or who some characters were but its made out like they expect everyone to know, so that was a bit of a let down

Also the actual structure of the campaign gameplay wise felt very dull, master chief suddenly loves holding x to press a button every 5 minutes and the take out 3 things to advance bits were annoying, this made the 5/6 hours feel reallt long for me

But it has proved the devs know how to make a halo game i just hope the next one has more new stuff and a change from the past as this felt like it was played a little too safe

Multiplayer wise im really enjoying it, i dont usually like the cod style progression but i think they did a great job of balancing things out and making the game addictive as i want to reach higher levels to get better armor and stuff whereas in reach everything took ages with such little reward that i just grew bored very fast

People will disagree with my story feeling but its just how i felt, other than that visually a massive step up from reach especially in the opening section of the game which i think had some extra attention to the rest
Munky  +   620d ago
I suggest playing the campaign on a higher difficulty. All the issues you have in terms of gameplay will not exist.
Kinger8938  +   620d ago
I would try legendary but i dont think that will cbange the mission structure of pressing buttons and taking out x amount of shields to continue etc, the ai would be much better im sure but as above ive not had an issue with that

Thanks for suggestion though but i dont think i can play it again just yet, maybe in a few months time
Munky  +   619d ago
The fact that it took you only 5-6 hours shows that you were not playing on a hard enough setting. Increasing the difficulty will make you focus less on running from objective to objective and more on the actual enemies and how to defeat them. Don't jump to legendary right away though, try heroic first. You will notice the difference right away, the enemies AI increases, the number of enemies, the aggressiveness of the enemies, and you take less damage as well. In the end increasing the difficulty makes for a much more challenging and enjoyable gaming experience.
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TrendyGamers  +   620d ago
I've become really addicted to Dominion!
aviator189  +   620d ago
I agree. I think that's been a game mode largely unmentioned in a ton of reviews.

I honestly play dominion more than I play any other mode now.
TekoIie  +   620d ago
That mode reminds me a lot of SW:B :)

Thats probably why I love it!!!
Jek_Porkins  +   620d ago
Absolutely addicted to Infinity Slayer! Its so fast paced and fun that I've sunk over 24 hours into it already! Great score and a nice review.
Perjoss  +   620d ago
My copy should arrive soon, from the sound of things it seems that 343 have done an amazing job! Well done guys.
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AnimeAvenger  +   620d ago
This game is awesome! There adding SWAT this week, can't wait.
LiquidSword93  +   620d ago
I don't give a shit how good this halo is. 10/10 is used nowadays wayyyy too flippantly.
CalvinKlein  +   620d ago
Sure PS3 fanboy. I cant wait to see you say that if the last of us gets a 10. Ohh wait you will call any reviewer who doesnt give it a 10 biased right?
BattleTorn  +   618d ago
Have you played it? ITS THAT GOOD!
LiquidSword93   620d ago | Bad language | show
BattleTorn  +   618d ago
Beat the Campaign on Legendary SOLO this weekend.

My advice: Respect the enemy!

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