IGN: The Rise and Fall of HD DVD

Movie studios have pulled support, now retail and rental will go pro-Blu. Is the format war finally decided? IGN traces the progression from 'stalemate' to conclusion.

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crazy250003839d ago

where was this "rise" of HD DVD?

resistance1003839d ago

The short time between when the 1st HD DVD player was released and the first blu-ray player was released. For that number of weeks HD DVD couldn't do anything but rise

pwnsause3839d ago

Rise of HD-DVD means, From the Launch of HD-DVD to the Launch of the PS3.

marinelife93839d ago

HD-DVD: Dude, I almost had you.

Blu-Ray: You almost had me? You never had me you never had your CAR!

Archaeox3839d ago

It all started with Warner Bros

pwnsause3839d ago

nah, Blockbuster saw this comming from about 300-milels

PirateThom3839d ago

At least Betamax had a few years...

CaliGamer3839d ago

Now ALL instead of just MOST of the good SH!T in high definition will be on BD. Considering how long other format wars have lasted, this was relatively short and to the point.

I'm sorry to say it but unless you bought a PS3 that had Blu-Ray included, there was no reason in my opinion to go out and buy a stand alone HD player of ANY kind until this formate debacle was resolved, that is if you cherish your consumer dollars.

We should all rejoice now that there is one HD formate to rule them all, LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.