IGN: Sins of a Solar Empire review and video review

Closing comments from the review by IGN's Steve Butts:

"We used to have to get our tactical and strategic appetites filled by different games. Then some smart developers started putting the two experiences together in alternating phases. Finally someone's managed to get them both together as part of the same experience. Sins of a Solar Empire does this so well that you never really feel like you're playing separate parts of a single game; you just feel like you're playing a game that works on different levels simultaneously. The experience works so well because the graphics engine works beautifully and the interface is very slick and efficient.

The combat is genuinely rewarding and free from the rock-paper-scissors design of most games, which leaves the player free to focus on more sophisticated tactics. It's true that the game is specifically designed for players to make war on each other, so that might turn off some peace-minded 4Xers, but happily we don't fall into that category.

In other words, if you like awesome strategy games, then you'll love Sins of a Solar Empire."

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