IGN's Viking: Battle for Asgard hands-on + videos

When Creative Assembly says it's making a new game that features large-scale battles, it's a good idea to pay attention. Known for the Total War series, these guys have shown what war on the large scale can be with great success many times over. Next up on the docket is Viking: Battle for Asgard, a game that doesn't stray from the studio's calling card, but keeps things action oriented for the console crowd. The result so far is a slick looking game with some truly brutal combat.

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stuntman_mike3750d ago

this game looks really dissapointing, the video leading upto this game made it seem good now seeing the gameplay it looks like a poormans god of war.

MK_Red3750d ago

Love the gore and blood but the gameplay feels a bit weak and reminds me of the Dark Kingdom which is not a good sign.