IGN's Dynasty Warriors 6 Review Scores 5.9

IGN writes: "Dynasty Warriors 6 is the next entry in the now long line of Koei titles that center on the exploits of warriors from ancient East Asian nations. Developed by Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors 6 brings back the familiar button-mashing experience with a few slight modifications that help in certain ways and hurt the game in others. Although this can be a somewhat enjoyable title for people who want some straight-forward button-mashing, there are certainly a few negative things to be said about this warrior romp".

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avacadosnorkel3775d ago

Nobody cares about Dynasty Warriors

This will be the only post.

If you're reading this post - GO AWAY!

There's nothing to see here.

This link is for Dynasty Warriors, so you don't care

Nobody does.

Phytonadione3775d ago

Thanks for the heads-up/warning, I was just about to post something regarding....oh damn!

Tsukasah3775d ago

I don't care about the rating. I'm getting it anyways. I've always loved DW even though it's the Madden of Hack N' Slash. IT's a good timewaster nonetheless

Baba19063775d ago

i allways enjoyed the splitscreen gaming.

MK_Red3775d ago

FINALLY! They realized how repetitive and boring the DW games have become. They haven't changed much since DW2 both gameplay wise and graphically. It's time for Koei to either revamp the series or leave the "Warriors" games for good and focus on Kessen.