Microsoft Announces Burger King Xbox 360 Games

Microsoft announced today that it has created a promotional partnership with Burger King to distrubute three Burger King themed Xbox 360 games. The games will only be available for a limited amount of time and only available after buying a value meal at Burger King.

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Deceased4131d ago

I might pick these up to play when I'm drunk!

Sphinx4131d ago

Wow, this is awesome!!! Ok, not really... but may be worth the few bucks for a laugh.

zypher4131d ago

why pay four bucks for a quick laugh, when i can come to this site and bust a gut laughing at all the "know-it-all" bickering that goes on between the fanboys?

BIadestarX4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I will buy these Games if they are FPS. Who wouldn't love shooting the king!

NextGen24Gamer4131d ago

This will be huge with KIDS. Smart move MS. Very smart indeed.

drewdrakes4131d ago

I want the brooke burke one :)

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