No Gods or Kings: Objectivism in BioShock

The sunken city of Rapture, a world of art deco aesthetics, neon sales pitches and looming architecture, is home to more than just murderous splicers and lumbering Big Daddys, it's also a surprising breeding ground for introspection.

BioShock may have been conceived as a study in nuance, a place for gamers to discover and explore at their own pace, but its dip into the ethical morass of Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophies has brought her beliefs back into the mainstream spotlight and even piqued the interest of the Ayn Rand Institute's president, Yaron Brook.

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avacadosnorkel3837d ago

Good or bad. Video games should be allowed to do or say whatever they do or say.

This guy says he wouldn't want his kid playing GTA.

F#@K him.

InYourMom3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

what a fantastic game and the fact that the game carries over into such deep discussions is just a testament to the brilliance.

Anybody who played this game "run and gun" you didn't do yourself any favors.

LinuxGuru3837d ago

This game was indeed brilliant. Far beyond anything I've ever played in terms of the quality of the story.

I don't have a 360 anymore, but I will be picking this up (or downloading it, rather) through Steam when I finish adding my gaming components to my PC on Tuesday (2 GB ram, 512MB video card, new PSU, etc).

PEST3837d ago

made me think of fish tank

TheExecutive3837d ago

Ayn Rand is a joke of a philosopher... thats all i will say... a joke.

BELIE7ER3837d ago

this was a great game. the message was true. total freedom is not the problem. its the choices we make. we all have free will. like it or not Truth exists and is absolute and we need to strive to know it and corespond to it as best we can. we know how we ought to behave and treat each other but choose otherwise. the one gentleman was wrong when he said there are perfect people. it is thinking like that that can lead to an eletist- bioshock society.