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Submitted by Pozzle 1184d ago | opinion piece

New Mass Effect? Five Things We’d Love to See

NA writes:

Hmmmm…. “We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game. What would you want to see in it?” This afternoon Mass Effect Executive producer Casey Hudson sent out a tweet that got the imaginations of Mass Effect fans working overtime. While this is something we’ve discussed at length on our podcast Rated NA, we’re elated to hear that Bioware is hard at work on a next-gen Mass Effect title. After a bit of stewing here is what we’d love to see. (Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

TenSteps  +   1185d ago
5 Things I'd like to see.

5. To see the Elcor race with their mounted turrets and stuff. Just for the sake of seeing how they fare.
4. Considering the Reaper threat wouldn't be the main focus I'd love for it to be able to have a smaller scale but more in depth setting.
3. Add a few new classes. From the multiplayer there were skills from some classes that were not in the main classes of single player that I liked.
2. Not really new but I'd love them to retain the way they make characters interesting. You can't deny that the strength of ME3's feel of the "last" fight came with the way some of the characters we've grown to love made their sacrifices.
1. The Priiiiiiiiiiiize!!!!!!!
nofallouthero  +   1185d ago
i wanna see space, air and land combat maybe a transforming vehicle. hacking skill and a medic skill would add some rpgness to the game again.
jony_dols  +   1185d ago
I wanna see a ME: PS Vita. Maybe a Garrus, Kasumi or Thane prequel spin-off, which see's you travelling around the galaxy assassinating & capturing targets. Unreal runs well on the Vita, so it can be done! Come'on EA, just do it already!
Blastoise  +   1184d ago
I want droids, Jedi, Sith, Twileks & Pod racing.

And um...maybe change the name to Knights of the old republic 3?

...just a thought.
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DarthJay  +   1184d ago
Haha. Excellent. I wish. They already wrote a Revan book and explained his back story in The Old Republic. I am afraid KOTOR3 will never be. :-(
listenkids  +   1184d ago
Kotor 3 could be about anything though, 2 was barely canon.
Aloren  +   1183d ago
It already exists, and it's called The old Republic. It's gonna be ftp in 2days, you should try it.. not as an mmo; but a COOP RPG to play with a friend. You might enjoy it.
pandehz  +   1184d ago
I want to be surprised

There's many ways I imagine the ME universe but please make your own game Bioware and in your own way.
denero1  +   1184d ago
the number one thing would be no prequel it would feel so cheap to end on such a epic note then not face the problems ahead. To back track would take away from the whole feeling of the series, it needs to be continued.
WitWolfy  +   1184d ago
I want my ending back....
LiquidSword93  +   1184d ago
Not as much fps shoot me up action. I rly enjoy 3 cos of this reason even tho most ppl hate it but that shit needs to take a hike.
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SaveFerris  +   1184d ago
If it were to take place some time after ME3, will it carry over the ending that we chose? Though it would be great to bump into familiar characters but the main cast should be made up of new faces and races instead.
Aloren  +   1183d ago
I think it would be difficult to carry over all endings : how do you build a game on premises that range from almost everyone is dead to reapers are super space cops or everyone is now half machine...

I think they'll pick a ending and make it canon, making an event mandatory for the new game's story (Shepard surviving is the obvious choice, even if he/she's the not the main protagonist in the new game).
SaveFerris  +   1182d ago
Didn't think of that. Your answer makes a lot of sense. Have a bubble.
NeoTribe  +   1184d ago
I just want more complex rpg elements that aren't catered to the brainless casuals. That's all.
HellFeast  +   1184d ago
I want more alien boning and buttplay.
b_one  +   1184d ago
cmon, its EA they wont care a bit of what fans want..

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