Into the Dark Video Review | says: "Into the Dark is a bad game. And it’s not the fun kind of bad like Obscure or a campy 80s horror film. This soars right past camp and goes directly into the zone of frustration. But we did everything within our power to see past the terrible graphics, the lackluster acting, the missing game options, and a dozen other glaring issues we found wrong with the game. If the game released as a free mod, we’d have no beef with it. If it was $5, we might simply ignore it. But asking $20 is borderline criminal. Without fear of hyperbole, this is the worst game we’ve played in 2012 and we can’t even recommend it for the kitch factor."

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sypher2225d ago

after watching the video i have to think this is a troll game right? :p those voice overs...

2225d ago
LiquidSword932225d ago

First 0 I've ever seen in my life o_o