Why Nintendo said no to Wii U downloads to SD Cards

In a disappointing move, Nintendo are not supporting SD Cards with Wii U downloads – but it’s all in the interest of Nintendo’s ‘immediate gaming’ philosophy.

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sullenger2226d ago

will i b able to use a usb flash drive?

SpitTake2226d ago

External Hard Drive up to 3 TB

Jadedz2225d ago

I believe (so it's a yes to your question).

Jadedz2225d ago

I think there're usb adaptors that support sd cards.

LKHGFDSA2225d ago

"SD to USB adaptor?" laughed my arse off.

cleft52225d ago

We all know they did this as a precaution to piracy. Lets be honest, ultimately the WiiU will be hacked, but the longer Nintendo can put it off the better. If people didn't hack consoles so they could pirate games than maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. But people do, so you have to understand some of the limitations. Still it's not really a big deal considering how cheap external usb drives can be.

HarryMasonHerpderp2225d ago

It's why we can't use SD cards for the Vita too.
Piracy sucks.

jmc88882225d ago

Wow guess I didn't realize that the Wii U's disc read was 2 1/2 times faster than the PS3. Though I guess it makes sense with it being an early blu-ray drive.

Hicken2225d ago

Yeah, it's unlikely that the drive in the the PS4 will be as slow.

quantae062225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Duh... No next gen console disc drive will be as slow as PS3. I can put money on that lol. Especially since the Wii U has put up a higher standard disc drive. You have to give Nintendo credit for that. It's definitely a good improvement and I can't wait to buy a Wii U. PS4 will probably be in my collection next year also.

neogeo2225d ago

Yes it's a very quick drive. It's something people overlook when it comes to the systems graphics and power. streaming needs quick speeds. Games will run better with less pop up and lag.

IWentBrokeForGaming2225d ago

Yeah but it's also up to Devs to utilize what you're given to avoid all if not most of those problems!

quantae062225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

@neogeo Yep!