Demiurge Studios Co-Developing Mass Effect for PC

Gamershell writes:

"Demiurge Studios today revealed that they are co-developing with BioWare the PC version of Mass Effect. Demiurge began working with BioWare during the final stretch of development for the Xbox 360 version, allowing the studios to collaborate closely throughout the co-development process."

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Silellak3836d ago

Oh sweet, Demiurge Studios!

They, who?

ktchong3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

They are making Frontlines: Fuel of War, for which the PS3 version was canceled because they complained the PS3 programming was too difficult and therefore expensive.

Silellak3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Well, I guess it's good they aren't helping with a PS3 port of Mass Effect, then. Heh.

If they're a small company, I can sort of understand the complaint. Having worked as a software developer at a very small (non-gaming-oriented) software company, anything that takes a long time to learn (such as developing for an entirely different platform) means your entire company - or at least, whoever is doing the learning - is basically idle while the learning process is taking place. When you have 10 developers, if half of them aren't producing something for a few months, it's not a very good situation.

Larger companies can afford to work at a temporary loss for a long-term gain. Smaller companies aren't so lucky, and have to ensure a near-constant flow of income to stay alive.

Of course, if they AREN'T a small company, then maybe their programmers just suck. Which happens pretty often in our field.

Silellak3836d ago

Also, Mass Effect for the PC contains a third wheel for controlling giving individual party members commands? I don't remember seeing this news before. Hope it makes its way into the 360 version, or at least Mass Effect 2: Mass Harder.

InYourMom3836d ago

you fix all the horrible pop-ups and texture problems with the 360 version before you whore out the PC version BioWare.

I loved the game, but the technical problems with it are annoying.

f4nb0i3835d ago

Welcome to the world of consoles, have a nice day

CRIMS0N_W0LF3835d ago

Less reason to buy X360. All X360 "Exclusives" are on PC.