Kombo Review: Lost Odyssey Won't Revitalize the JRPG Genre

Kombo Writes: "Final Word
All told, Lost Odyssey doesn't have that many big weaknesses. The major 'problem' with the game is that it doesn't do enough to push the genre forward. That's hardly a flaw exclusive to Lost Odyssey – it could probably be leveled at the majority of games released in the genre. Lost Odyssey suffers because not only has it not taken the genre forward, it could be argued that it hasn't even kept up with the advancements that have been made in the genre over the last several years. It makes a few intelligent tweaks to the established formulas and offers players a great cast of characters to feel for, but it's not a game experience that you haven't played the primary elements of hundreds of times before. That's only a problem for those who are growing tired of the traditional JRPG formula or never bought into to begin with, but there's no doubt the genre is on the verge of extinction on this side of the Pacific and strict adherence to tradition is not like to turn any fortunes around.

Lost Odyssey is not the game that will bring the genre back from the brink, but fans of Japanese RPGs will love it. The best JRPG on the Xbox 360 to date."

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ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3807d ago

Man, iuno bout this game. The reviews are basically split.. Someone that has played this game, would you recommend it or is it a pass? I like jRpG's so would this be a good game to pick up? It's not really a genre that you can rent to try out..

socomnick3807d ago

Well I personally love it but I grew up on Ff 7 and Ff8. If you like oldschool rpgs with dope graphics get it. Its very solid the story is Magnificent very adult.

Jazz41083806d ago

This Game Rocks, one of the best RPG I have ever played and I have put almost 30 hours into it and I am still on the first disk. Amazing Game.