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Destructoid: "I couldn't wait to dive into the next chapter of the Zero Escape saga, but I was worried that it would fall into the trap of trying so desperately to surpass its predecessor that it loses the essence of what made the original fresh and exciting.

In most respects, Virtue's Last Reward is a far superior game. And while it doesn't quite exceed 999's overall quality, it comes very, very, very, very, very damn close."

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LiquidSword931859d ago

That guy to the right looks like spike from cowboy bebop...good score btw.

shammgod1859d ago

I need to buy this game for my vita

Krew_921859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

999 was great, I might just have to pick this up later for my XL.

TheRichterBelmont1858d ago

This game is amazing, play it now!