Niveus pledges allegiance to Blu-ray, bids adieu to HD DVD

Not like it's any huge surprise or anything -- after all, the HD DVD deathwatch is already in full effect -- but Niveus has just informed us that due to "customer demand and format war influences," it will be adding support for Blu-ray and "ceasing production of HD DVD-based servers." According to CEO Tim Cutting, "incorporating Blu-ray into its offerings has always been part of the plan, but the demand from its customers, market trends, and recent announcements expedited its decision to come to market with Blu-ray support sooner rather than later

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pwnsause3748d ago

not as suprising as the Wal-Mart announcement.

gunnerforlife3748d ago

and theyll be more to come thats a promise:P

shine13963748d ago

warner bros fallout was big. and I think these bigwigs are talking behind closed doors. so I think wallmart fallout will finish off Hd-dvd. I mean who is bigger then wal-mart?

TheDarkHado3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Wal-mart was the big one. The last nail is in the coffin. By the end of GDC it will be Game Over Man, Game Over! I will be picking up a second PS3 for just Blu by summer.

BubblesDAVERAGE3748d ago

Blu Ray = Obama
HD DVD = Ron Paul