Treyarch Explains How to Get Banned in Black Ops 2

MP1st - The team behind Black Ops 2 at Treyarch has gone live with the game’s Security & Enforcement Policy, which all players have to adhere to while playing the ninth instalment in the Call of Duty series.

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Enmson2024d ago

Cool! i got to try this. thanks Treyarch!

SilentNegotiator2024d ago

It probably won't even work....

Modding/Hacking - Happens on a daily basis. God forbid you end up in a modded server and they carpet-ban you.

Pirated Content - Okay, this will work, probably, but only because they're designed to shoot off flares on anyone dumb enough to bring their pirated copy online.

Unsupported Peripheral Devices & Applications - Tell that to the number of people using aim-bots.

Boosting - That's right, Treyarch! You keep those lower level players from getting better weapons so that the unlocks stay poorly balanced! Are they really going to monitor the game for people purposefully dying or getting achievements/challenges?

Glitching - Here's a better idea....make a game without game breaking glitches! Revolutionary idea, I know.

Offensive Behavior - Perma-ban everyone who does and your sales on the next COD game will half.

Offensive Live Streams or Unauthorized Live Stream Content - So? Anyone that cares will get a recording box and use a program to block out the user's name.

andyboy132024d ago

I just really hope that they get it right on pc. The fact that they are Treyarch dedi servers could actually help us. I know people are in a fuss about this, but look at CS:GO on pc. Other than there not being a good matchmaking system on competitive, the servers are all fine from valve. I don't have an issue with this if it curbs hackers, or at least hacked lobbies...

Eyeco2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

At the risk of sounding like a moron, can someone explain "boosting" to me, how do people exploit it specifically ?? i'm not to big on online games which is why I ask

pixelsword2024d ago

No offensive words in Blops is like having no guns in Blops:

It's kinda assumed to be there from the git-go.

d0nni32024d ago

@Eyeco boosting is basically getting together with a friend(s) on a server and killing each other over and over to gain XP quickly, there are plenty of different meathods to do this but it's basically gaining XP from not playing the game in the intended manner.

Eyeco2024d ago

thank you for the reply, I don't really see what's wrong with that tho ? I hardly see it as cheating

Legion2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )


Boosting in effect skews the leaderboards and gives a false representation of a persons skills. The multiplayer world is just what it is advertised as... a game between multiple players. A person that boosts and effectively gets perks and/or weapons that they did not earn through skill and time played will tarnish the multiplayer arena.

You don't see it as cheating but it effectively is... if you are gaining an unearned advantage by manipulating via boosting then you are cheating.

If for nothing else but the fact that because you sat in a room and killed your friends 1000 times in a row gives you the highest position on a leaderboard. When those that play the game as intended can never achieve the same leaderboard rankings without themselves having to rely on unearned boosting methods.

A game is no longer fun when it effectively has been ruined by the fact that no relevance to earning any awards or rank is now factored. As the population of the game world will be that of those boosting to earn rank, awards and benefits.

SolidStoner2023d ago

I like those rules to be honest! Very surprised and proud with that decision! If all that will be monitored online gameplay will become not just good, but awesome!

Eyeco2023d ago

Ok I understand fully now, and i agree with you to an extent, but why should anyone really care about there stats on the leaderboard ? just so you can swing your E-dick around and gloat about your K/D, are you getting paid ? do you get worldwide respect ? Do you look at the top players on COD and go "wow your so bada$$ i wish i could be like you one day.."

I'm sorry but it sounds pathetic , who cares about leaderboard stats, when i play an online game i just play it for the fun, for the objective based game modes, i couldn't care less where i rank among the 20 million cod players why should anyone else care ?

How is it any different from EA selling BF3 shortcuts ? at the end of the day , perks and weapon unlocks don't really give you that much of an advanatage, Knowledge of the map, sharp reflexes, and who you play the game with matter.

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MGRogue20172024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Go on a 'team killing & trapping your team mates in corners' spree?? :D

I can't wait to further progress in my legendary on-going career with the OFC Camping Police on BO2, started around 3-4 years ago with MW2.. making sure that every player in the CoD community are kept moving & not staying in one spot as a advantage to get more kills! :P

Message me on PSN: 'OFCCampingPolice' if you wanna join :) <3

blackblades2024d ago

LOL wow a lot of people is going to be banned.

MikeMyers2024d ago

Yes and once they do watch all the whining ensue about how unfair it is.

Legion2024d ago

I see it every day on BF3 as people get their stats reset and then claim they did nothing wrong. Ok... maybe they boosted to get level 100 and got a 600 kill streak in a game... but hey... they did nothing wrong. haha As if!

moneybag1234562024d ago

Lol, i got banned from Black Ops, gonna be hard to resist hacking this security free game

FarCryLover1822024d ago

Security free???? They use Norton AntiVirus 2002!!!

pixelsword2024d ago

Like he said, It's gonna be hard to resist hacking this security-free game...

GirlsGeneration2024d ago

Lmfao! They use Norton AntiVirus 2002. good one man ^^

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