GameTap: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Review

Alex Navarro of GameTap writes: It's unlikely anyone hoping for a Mario and Sonic crossover game was really pining for the pair to join forces in something licensed from the Olympic Games. Seriously? The Olympics? Was a platformer really too difficult to conceive? Eighteen billion mediocre platformers get made every year starring also-ran anthropomorphic antiheroes and whatever the computer animated movie character of the week happens to be, and yet when two top-rung platformer heroes get together, they're reduced to wacky Olympiads. What deity would allow such a thing?

Still, as lame as all that is, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games occasionally shows flashes of decency, which is sort of a triumph in and of itself when you consider how terrible most Olympic videogames tend to be. While the number of truly great minigames contained in this collection can probably be counted on one hand, those games are entertaining enough to perhaps make this one worth a look, provided of course you're not on a tight budget and don't mind slogging through some less enjoyable games to get to the good stuff.

Pros: 24 different minigames to play, a few of which can actually be a good bit of fun; multiplayer for up to four players; crisp, colorful visuals.

Cons: The rest of the games are either a real bore or just plain frustrating; download play is limited to six of the minigames; where the hell is Donkey Kong?!?

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