GameTap: Professor Layton and the Curious Village Review

Wes Nihei of GameTap writes: At their core, videogames are all about puzzle-solving in some form or another. Whether you're trying to defeat the Flood in Halo 3 or you're playing the drums in Rock Band, you're confronting a type of puzzle and working out a solution. Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a finely crafted DS diversion that doesn't mess around with any technological finery. It simply takes classic puzzle types, wraps a simple adventure story line around them, and then challenges you to just get after it.

Curious Village is extremely clever in its simplicity. The puzzles are the work of Professor Emeritus Akira Tago, a Japanese puzzle master who's authored several books about the subject.

Pros: Good integration of puzzles into story; simple but solid interface; challenges you to read and think.

Cons: Pacing is slow; tiny graphics make it tough to search for hint coins; no solutions if you can't solve a puzzle.

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