Gamedaily: Top Five Ways Nintendo Ruined Mario

Chris Buffa of Gamedaily writes, the top 5 ways Nintendo has ruined Mario:

#5 Nintendo's overused "all-in-one" game token

We hope you love basketball, because so does Mario. In fact, he also enjoys baseball, tennis, kart racing, Mario Parties and golf, and we're 99 percent sure that Nintendo will add hockey and football to his bloated all-star sports resume someday.

#4 He can't hang onto his woman

No matter how many times Mario rescues Princess Peach, he can't prevent Bowser from doing it again. For years, we thought she was the stupid one for not hiring more security, but now we feel she has a thing for Bowser and lets herself get caught.

#3 He dresses up as a bee
#2 Mario Shafts Luigi
#1 They gave him a voice

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