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5 Reasons Why GTA V Looks Awful

Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 has had a lot of information released recently. You probably haven’t heard much about it; it’s not really a big deal. But whatever – why report on it objectively when you can just make snap judgements on a couple of brief preview paragraphs right? Right? Anyway, here are five reasons why GTA V looks like it might be worth swerving (before mounting the curb and running down pedestrians). (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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decrypt  +   994d ago
wrong post
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Irishguy95  +   993d ago | Well said
"5 reasons why I want hits"

That's all I saw in the title
Cam977  +   993d ago
I saw '1 reason I'm not a very good writer'.
This guy is desperate, nobody click the article because this clown gets money from it.
irepbtown  +   993d ago
How could one say the size of GTA V is bad?

This writer was craving hits.

#The writer was definitely craving hits. Take a look at this:
Same dude, same website, same points, this is ridiculous.
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Old McGroin  +   993d ago
"5 reasons why I want hits"

Yup, spot on. P!ssed at myself for giving him a hit now, I thought he might have some valid points but he's just complaining for the sake of complaining. He complains about the size, which in my mind is big plus, welcome back planes! He complains about the location, actually stating that setting it in Tokyo would have been a "great idea". He states that GTA is not about "stealing cars and stabbing hookers any more" and that it is now about watching someone doing yoga because R* are trying to hook in the casual crowd. And he gives out about the cell phone, which is a feature I thought really modernized the GTA franchise.

In short, this guy is a hit seeking idiot who doesn't seem to know much about GTA at all. He openly states that he never had any interest in the story of any GTA and states that he is only playing it to "steal cars and drive them straight into traffic lights". He even states that GTA III and GTA IV were set in New York when they are set in Liberty City.

So basically, this guy isn't a real fan of the series, but he sure does need some traffic on his site! Avoid.
pixelsword  +   993d ago
...and people wonder why other people only comment on the title and the scant, few lines before you actually read the article.
Razmossis  +   993d ago
He also wrote a counter article '5 reasons GTAV looks amazing'. Take the good with the bad you blindsided fanbot chumps.

This is my most anticipated game since MGS4, I'm on here every day scrounging for more GTAV news, but I still read these articles with a level head and a fair eye. You people will hear no wrong about this game, you remind me of the fucking audience on xfactor, one slightly negative remark, no matter how valid the point, and "BOOOOO" , "DIS AUTHOR WUNTS DA HITS HE KNO NUFFIN!".
It's so ignorant to think that there will be nothing wrong with this game, Rockstar are not immune to mistakes and GTAIV is the proof.

This three character system is a massive change for a GTA game, and is something people should rightly be skeptical about, I mean, it can either help the game, or hurt the game... but the 'say one bad word about it and we'll rip your head off' mentality here in the N4G comment section really prevents any kind of real debate.
SilentNegotiator  +   993d ago
He could have combined his "5 reasons....amazing" article with this one, but that wouldn't have garnered him as many hits.
Mounce  +   993d ago
So, we agree to attempt to report the website and say no one likes it, the story quality is shit, and Invert-on.com should never be referenced ever again?....

I'd raise my hand..


This should be exploited. IMO. This dude is clearly just TOO COOL MAN, look at those fucking glasses, Srs business.
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Awesome_Gamer  +   993d ago
@Irishgu95 Exactly. he is just desperate for hits, every single member on every gaming forum i'm part of, was amazed by GI's preview of GTA V, can't wait!
specialguest  +   993d ago
I read through the article and it was obvious that this piece was written for hits. It seemed like the writer was given the task of coming up with anything negative he could possibly think of, even when it's a far stretch.

The part about scuba diving and making it seem like a bad thing was so obvious. The crazy part about this is that it works! Now the hottest article post for today on N4G.
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csreynolds  +   993d ago
King_many_layers  +   993d ago
I can see why, to an extent, that they would find the scope a little off-putting. I find that having a map that's big is often great, but there are instances like with L.A Noire where it was simply too big. It became tedious for me as a result of the over the top scale.

Hopefully with this game offering up a lot more in the way of options the size will simply enable a level of freedom that I really appreciated in Red Dead Redemption. Such striking views sometimes had me riding slow just to soak up the atmosphere.
Zha1tan  +   993d ago
And you were more than happy to give them
dboyc310  +   993d ago
We just have to wait and see. They havent showed any gameplay or anything so we just need to see how they implement stuff this time around.
BusterFang  +   993d ago
Very true, don't know why so many people are focused on something failing rather than wait, watch, and see where things go. Guess it's just a sign of the generation we live in and another of the million indicators of failed gaming "journalism"...

All about the money, not about the substance! :D
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showtimefolks  +   993d ago
1. OP needs to get eye exam
2. OP doesn't understand what awful stands for
3. OP thought saints row the 3rd was the best open world game ever
4. Op when wrote this article was high and wasted
5.OP Still haven't bought a next gen console so he still thinks ps2 and xbox games look better than games out now
ShinMaster  +   993d ago
I enjoyed Saints Row the Third more than GTAIV. But everything else I agree with.
dennett316  +   993d ago
Shinmaster, but best open world game ever? Come now, it's not even the best in it's own series (Saints Row 2 FTW).

My favourite open world game is probably GTA San Andreas, just ahead of Vice City due to it's sheer scale and variety. Vice City had a better story, main character and theme (I'm very much an 80's kid), but San Andreas was more out and out fun.
HebrewHammer  +   993d ago
Ok, let's not all bash the guy. It's a pretty funny read, and I sense a hint of sarcasm here and there.
irepbtown  +   993d ago
That's what I thought for a short while. Literally reading the paragraph about GTA Vs size being bad, I thought the writer was having a laugh.

But after reading it all, I think the bloke is pretty serious. He seemed desperate for hits.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   993d ago
Actually this article is solely for hits, it's written terribly and gives terrible reasons.

Size? So wait, you want a smaller game world? What the hell? A progressive storyline is suddenly a bad thing? The mini games are now a bad thing?

Someone tell this author to piss off and never play video games again. I don't want people like this ruining what was once my favorite hobby any longer.
dennett316  +   993d ago
Now a smaller, more focussed and alive feeling game world isn't necessarily a bad thing. But this is Rockstar, they're pretty damn good at making even a huge game world feel alive. I could see a huge game world being a negative from some developers, but not Rockstar.

So while I don't agree with his point in this case, having a massive game world is not the be all and end all.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   992d ago

Except having a small open world is going backwards in progression. Developers should be aiming to flesh out large worlds, not small ones.
jizzyjones  +   994d ago
LOL all those reasons are strengths if anything
Invert-On  +   994d ago
Well hot dog! It's like we read your mind! http://n4g.com/news/1118504...
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   993d ago
SO you made this half-****ed article for hits, figures.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   993d ago
You my friend are a shinning example as to why game journalism is a joke....

KwietStorm  +   993d ago
Keep setting that bar even lower
JoGam  +   994d ago
Its seems like the writer had nothing else to talk about so he gave this a title to get hits.
Eyeco  +   993d ago
Yeah, Lool at the first point as bizzare and odd as they've been GTA plots have always been great, and this is mainly due to the huge cast of engrossing characters in each game , all so memorable and excellently voice acted.
vickers500  +   993d ago
Not #4. I didn't mind that in GTAIV that there were all these lame mini games (virtual dates, virtual hangouts, tv, internet browser, standup, basically all that "neat, the first time you see it" crap that gets old real quick), but they focused way too much on those lame mini games that the rest of the gameplay suffered (imo).
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claud3  +   994d ago
Stupid article
StarFox2   994d ago | Spam
conjurdevil  +   994d ago
The hell is wrong with this article??
That guy seriously doesn't like GTA overall otherwise those would be considered strengths bigger map is a bad thing? Somebody give this guy GTA in Nuketown map (COD).
Loser trying to get hits.
Blastoise  +   993d ago
What's COD got to do with anything? lol
He was playing on the fact that Nuketown is a tiny tiny tiny map, and consequently, not a suitable setting for GTA.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   993d ago
Wow the map size being too big is a reason why GTA5 looks awful? I've seen it all know.
PhantomT1412  +   993d ago
They've also said, that's where the triple characters could come in handy gameplay-wise : you got lost in the desert with one character ? Switch to the other guy who's in the middle of Los Santos.
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LoL. Get lost in the desert with one guy, switch to another guy and go pick him up.
bumnut  +   993d ago
I kind of agree with that point (only that point!).

If the map is too big it runs the risk of feeling empty.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   993d ago
I have faith that Rockstar won't make Los Santos feel empty.
bumnut  +   993d ago
They managed it in the last game, people have short memories these days.
LuCifer845  +   993d ago
Lol what a bad title. Didn't even bother to read it
There's has never been a grand theft auto that was awful. Different yes.
MrDead  +   993d ago
5 Reasons Why GTA V Looks Awful? It doesn’t but saying so gets you lots of hits.

Also you’re criticising parts of the game without knowing how they are going to be utilized.
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TisMayo  +   993d ago
Wow. You must be really desperate to get some hits, eh?
victoryscreeeeeech  +   993d ago
Story of the GTA series
GTA3: revenge
GTA Vice city: Revenge (kinda)
GTA Sanandreas: revenge
GTA4: revenge

I thought GTA San Andreas was the best story mainly because the game play around it was awesome. I think it is safe to assume that GTA5 is about revenge.
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MeKissGaben   993d ago | Spam
Romudeth  +   993d ago
Flame bait article.
i8urCAKE  +   993d ago
stupid article
TXIDarkAvenger  +   993d ago
Article is for hits people. Nothing to see here, move along.
CalibriSerif  +   993d ago
wow stupid article reflects the author himself. what kind of parenting these people got?
#14 (Edited 993d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Mr-Zex  +   993d ago
Ya'll are feeding the troll.. It's obvious he wants hits, so why hit it?
M_Prime  +   993d ago
i can agree with the phone a little but that it. I just hope you don't know Roman in this game, or Dwayne. Dwayne was such a little biotch in that game lol, but i wanted Playboy X's apartment
bayonetta  +   993d ago
Fix it
5 Reasons why I am stupid =p
Audiggity  +   993d ago
Wow, Tom Ascott... @obscurestartist... assuming you've got "Google Alerts" set to every variation of your name, I think you may have a chance at seeing this.

If your pathetic projection of perceived ego (super-ego) could be converted into a liquid, you would probably drown in it.

Haha, this article is nonsense. Stop writing about games, and start writing about your collection of sunglasses.

I did see your "ironic" article about the 5 reasons why GTA V looks amazing. That actually makes the article referenced above even worse.

Congrats. You just sacrificed your journalistic integrity for a single, and a final, unique visitor.
sdplisken  +   993d ago
i wouldnt mind if gtav's graphix looked worse that gta4 as long as they bring back the fun of vice city and san andreas (the best gta games by far imo)
MeatAbstract  +   993d ago
I know these kind of things are subjective but what kind of standards do you set yourself in games if you think GTA V looks bad?

But yeah, keeping hating on the 'popular' stuff. How dare other people like it when you don't! That makes you 'cool' and 'edgy'.
OneAboveAll  +   993d ago
Dumb article. Last time I ever visit this site. Especially after Invert-On is just looking for hit's.

I had to stop reading at #2. Half an hour to get back down the mountain? For one, you are over exaggerating and second most players will either parachute off top or just jump off for the lols.

And i'm sure the deserts will have ATV's/dirt bikes riding around so you won't have walk for long to take some joyriders bike.
Speed-Racer  +   993d ago
The points seem reasonable but he lost all credibility when he wrote this http://n4g.com/news/1118504... based on the exact points. Clearly a troll post.
ThichQuangDuck  +   993d ago
Damn these non blind fanboys with their opinions. At the end of the day it is his opinion, he could have backed his worries up more but I understand them. To make the biggest open world game on consoles, there is the worry of how much of the world will I truly be able to go into to. GTA IV was dissapointing to me I hope GTA V is a return to form,but I will not know until I play it
taquito  +   993d ago
its gonna look sweet on all platforms, but on pc, its gonna be freaking epic, more so if the modders get a hold of it

they took gta iv from this;


to this...lol....no telling what they will do with gta v

TheSnakemanCometh  +   993d ago
This is arguably one of the worst articles that I have ever read. The piece in itself is a diservice to journalism.

Video game "journalism" is almost non-existent. These writers have no critical thinking skills, abysmal rhetoric, and almost zero knowledge on how to write.
BananaEatingSquid  +   993d ago
GTA V looks so freaking amazing. I'm not even a devoted GTA fan... I'd probably love them all if I played them, however I've only played San Andreas (loved it)... but this game looks AMAZING. I don't see how it could look awful in any way :)
MidnightSpecial  +   993d ago
What a load of utter crap. The whole thing is based on his own idiotic assumptions. This is barely even an article
Kinger8938  +   993d ago
Yes!!! Finally more top 5 reasons lists now gta info has surfaced!

We can make our own judgements, dont need others to tell us how many things look good or bad about a game.

These articles are just a waste of internets
Dfooster  +   993d ago
Comedy. Ha
#29 (Edited 993d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dfooster  +   993d ago
The mind of a child functions on a higher level than whoever wrote this article, it made me laugh in actual fact. Please tell me this was the work experience lads turn at writing an article?
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