Halo 4 Launching in Japan Is Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Japan has never been crazy about the Xbox 360, save for the few instances when it had exclusive role-playing games folks wanted to play. But generally speaking, it's been an uphill battle.

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greenpowerz1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Who cares. Their tastes are out of touch and is reflected in their dying influence in the global market among many art forms and exports. Now back to DUST: An Elysian Tail a game that shows what Japanese devs have lost quality and design wise.

Welshy1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

"Their tastes are out of touch and is reflected in their dying influence in the global market among many art forms and exports".

Wow, massive stereotype much? if you lived in Japan all the military FPS games we get would be branded "out of touch" too, it's a matter of perception and personal taste.

At the very least, Japanese devs push the envelope and are willing to try ideas that western gamers and devs would brand crazy, niche etc.

If anything WE are the out of touch ones, with our obsession over shooters and franchises of all genres now getting sequels that are slowing merging into one big generic genre and shedding their roots for the sake of commercial success.

I can only presume your tolerance of other tastes and IQ are as low as your bubble count...

Edit: i should make clear, my point is that there is a difference between "out of touch" and what is popular. Just because it sells more doesn't make it any better to the individuals who enjoy said games. Ford outsell Bentley cars, does that make it better? it's all subjective.

omi25p1993d ago

Japanese devs push the envelope???

With Mario, Resident evil and Sonic?

Japanese devs get a free pass to release the same generic crap every year because people want to relieve the glory days.

kreate1993d ago

Those 3 games are recycled in such a way to please the north American market.

I think he talking about games like Catherine or the last guardian.

omi25p1993d ago

Oh i forgot about last Guardian.

Thats the game we have had one screen shot of, The lead developers have abandoned "BUT ITS TOTZ GUNNA BE GOTY"

LiquidSword931993d ago

Tell me one reputable jap dev that has released anything envelope pushing of any kind RECENTLY. Hell, even some years ago capcom was releasing great stuff (resident evil 4, okami etc.) but these days jap devs are more or less the same as western and often leave it personally to them to destroy their games or just do it themselves. Your talking in the past, and I wish you were STILL right, but your not.

ShoryukenII1993d ago

I don't know what happened but From Software, Platinum Games, Kojima Productions, Nintendo, Sony Japan and more are all still good. But it is hard not to notice the difference between this gen and the last. I really hope things improve next gen so that we don't have to play the usual realistic games that we play now.

SegataShanshiro1993d ago

You're such a weaboo, stop defending a country and people that do not care about you. The guy is right, the Japanese are a thing of the past AMD they are out of touch with today's gaming.

1993d ago
killerhog1993d ago

Yeah I remember this good old days buying different genre Japanese games especially for the Dreamcast. Powerstone, skies of Arcadia, crazy taxi, jet set radio, heavy metal geomatrix, shenmue etc.. Now its all the same bs especially in the west. Though Japanese developers do lack that creativity they had back then.

ForgottenProphecy1993d ago

You all are so ignorant. Sure, developers in Japan make the same Mario trash over and over, and somehow manage to make Resident Evil worse and worse with every installment, but what about Demon's/Dark Souls? What about Cathrine? what about Metal Gear Solid? I'm sure when Japan looks at our game collection, all they see is a bunch of shitty military shooters. And those military shooters are our best selling games, which shows how "tasteful" we are.
WE are the ones out of taste. Japan almost NEEDS something different, their games have so much variety compared to our games. It's almost sad.

Muffins12231992d ago

Acully hes kinda right.... Japanese games are really only selling in japan.A few Nintendo games are really the only thing selling in america and Europe that's Japanese.American games,like grand theft auto,halo 4,saints row 3,call of duty,forza,
need for speed, assassins creed 3 are all selling amazingly across the world but japan....really?You think america just makes FPS...

chaos-lockheart1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


There are games in Japan that no one ever heard of in america that are so great, and games people want so bad but only in Japan like Super Robot Wars OG

AsimLeonheart1992d ago


Your opinion about Japanese preferences is very narrow-minded. You need to understand cultural differences and preferences. America is not the centre of the world and nor their tastes are the best or absolute. Western obsession with shooters, space marines and crime based games probably seems just as silly to the Japanese. In the end everything is relative when it come to culture so you cannot say they need to change.

Bimkoblerutso1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

There are still great games coming out of both regions, but don't try to romanticize the artistic integrity of Japan. The overwhelming trend in gaming these days, whether it's the West OR the East, is to release the safest, most inane genre pieces in order to maximize profit.

This Halo thing, as people have already mentioned, is just a cultural divide. They're busy buying the same crappy JRPG's over and over while we all continue to buy the same crappy shooters over and over. That's all it is.

Both regions have their fair share of generic crap, I promise you, but to generalize either region because of that is ridiculous.

Imalwaysright1992d ago

Myamoto, Sakaguchi, Kojima, Mikami and Kamyia and other japanese devs pushed the envelop more than any western dev with exception of Rockstar and ID Software. Many of the gameplay mechanics and game design we see on western games today are copy pasted of what these guys did.

Cover System - killswitch-Namco
Shoulder view- RE4- Mikami
Cinematics- MGS- Kojima
Regenerative health- Hydlide- T&E Soft Corporation
1st game with save option-Zelda- Myamoto. etc etc etc

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Blastoise1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

You are just so wrong. Demon's souls, Dark soul's, Valkyria chronicles, Disgaea 4, Monster Hunter, Ni no kuni. There are tons of great games still coming from Japan.

Don't be such a meathead. It's because of people like you that we don't get so many great Japanese games over here.

I have a feeling if Halo 4 sold a lot more in Japan you'd be telling a different story.

Tres211993d ago

that Ni No Kuni im holdin off on till i get my hands on it but i did pre-order that but thats mostly cuz the art style, but i dont think ne1 here doesnt think animes r better than ne where else

sdplisken1993d ago

i disagree demon's souls, dark souls and MGS4 are my fav games this gen

all made by japanese devs thank you

im an american and its us who are out of touch with nothing but shooters and sports games spammed every year imo

1993d ago
FunAndGun1993d ago


I find it stupid that you couldn't add the "anese" but you could take the time to type a reason why.


pompombrum1992d ago


Just curious, but what games do you consider good then? If you say call of duty I'm going to /facepalm

dragonrage001992d ago

Congratilations. Yours won the prize for the most stupid comment Ive ever read on this site.

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SephirothX211992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Look at CoD releasing year after year with the same rubbish. The Japanese culture like games that require them to think. Many Americans like games where you can go bang bang all day without stressing the brain tissue. CoD is aimed at children, teens and the mentally incapable. It sells well because there are many Americans who are mentally incapable. Such as those who voted for Mitt Romney. Though don't get me wrong, I believe all republicans should be exterminated humanely.

SilentNegotiator1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

The anti-ps, pro-360 troll trying to downplay Japan's...existence?
Wow, such a shocker! /s

Reported as offensive.

USMC_POLICE1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

They like different games. For example i prefer killzone over halo. Everyone here will disagree but if we lived in europe then killzone is as big as halo. I also prefer medal of honor and battlefield to cod. Im not out of touch either I just am not a main stream ms fan. I loved gears but im not a freak about it.

SnakeCQC1992d ago

dude take the vast disagrees as a sign that you're out of touch

sjaakiejj1992d ago

"Out of touch"? Do you even know what a culture is, and that there's more than just the American one?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1992d ago

your dumb.. Nintendo and sony will dominate the world of gaming. next gen watch. Let MS have America.

MS barely leads and had a full year start.. lol

Awesome_Gamer1992d ago

Butthurt because the 360 only sells in the US, and the PS3 outsells it worldwide?

iNFAMOUZ11992d ago

i agree greenpowerz, totally spot on, the disagrees are all sony fangirls.

NeXXXuS1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
The Last Guardian
Dragon's Dogma
Fatal Frame
Drak Cloud
Silent Hill
Metal Gear

Just to name a few.

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SJPFTW1993d ago

Not surprised... Halo 4 isn't a dating sim. Though Cortana having bigger breast now than in previous iterations kind of hints 343's attempt to appeal to the Japanese market.

Jinkies1993d ago

"Though Cortana having bigger breast now than in previous iterations kind of hints 343's attempt to appeal to the Japanese market."

Really...I just saw it as 343 improving the graphics

guitarded771993d ago

I think it was a joke... no need to get all defensive.

Jinkies1993d ago

Ok man...whatever.

LiquidSword931993d ago

Lol it's funny that ppl have disagreed with u cos the big breast thing is true. Japs are Perverts just like every other culture except they more openly market it in their games, anime etc.

jony_dols1992d ago

Japan is a great country, but unfortunately their culture is incredibly misogynistic and perversion is more widely accepted than in the West.

Hell child pornography was legal their till the mid-nineties and it is not uncommon for women to get groped by strangers in public. That's not to say they are more perverted than men anywhere else, but if the laws don't persecute then they will continue to get away with it.

nofallouthero1993d ago

whoa a lot of stereotyping in here

banjadude1992d ago

Agreed, and that the admins allow such a thing. Trolling is one thing, but offensive stereotyping? Stay "classy" N4G *rolls eyes*

NeXXXuS1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


aNDROiD17_1993d ago

they know all fps are trash

Oh_Yeah1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

besides fallout, borderlands, crysis, rage, bioshock, battlefield and rainbow have to agree.

sdplisken1993d ago

for the most part i agree
however there are some like bioshock that are great tho

Blackdeath_6631992d ago

well by fps i assume he means modern military shooters MMS rather than games like bioshock,dishonourned,mirrors edge,etc...

fermcr1993d ago

Japanese have pretty weird taste in games. Just take a look at their top sales games every week.

ShoryukenII1993d ago

Weird is subjective. They might think that Halo is weird. Although, I also think that some of their tastes are a bit weird.

torchic1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

but fact remains that your definition of weird will depend on whether you're looking from the outside in or looking from the inside out

NnT32911992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Japanese do have weird tastes. If you lived in Asia like me, you would hear people say the same thing about Japan. They do make lots of awesome stuff though