After GTA V: 10 Epic Cities Rockstar Should Parody Next

WC writes: When GTA V comes out, we will see the series return to Los Santos (the aforementioned fictional Los Angeles) for the first time since 2004′s San Andreas, whether a HD version of the Hot Coffee Mod will make a return is yet to be announced.

This list will offer suggestions for where the series should go next, including a couple of trips to previously visited cities and a decidedly global feel.

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1715d ago
claud31715d ago

I do not care where it is. It's gta

Yi-Long1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

... and before people bring up Sleeping Dogs, that only took part on a small fraction of Hong Kong (only HK Island), and Hong Kong has much more diversity to offer.

Sleeping Dogs was a good game (albeit a little short, story-wise), but it didn't do the city justice.

BlmThug1715d ago

I would assume it will be set in Vice City just to wrap Vice City up and give it the HD treatment

DoomeDx1715d ago

What Culture..Another crappy ''top 10'' about GTA?

We should ban this site.


The game havent been released yet... Calm down will you

hennessey861715d ago

A GTA game where I can visit al three main city's, liberty city, vice city and San Andreas. Can you imagine how epic it would be to be able to fly to vice city from liberty city.

Outside_ofthe_Box1715d ago

Being able to fly from city to city would be epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.