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FILMWEB: "Fascination Sony extended reality ("Augmented Reality") began a few years ago, when the market included EyeToy game series and connected to the PlayStation 2 webcam. Technology has gone forward in our homes appeared motor controllers, smart phones packed with all possible sensors and cameras that detect our every move. In 2012, Sony gives into our hands, cardboard book with painted patterns and tries to convince us that this is something we have not seen before. Are we dealing with another revolution, or maybe just the evolution of a proven idea?"

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Knight_Crawler1861d ago

Sony if you like to throw away money why not just deposit it to my account.

Seriously though, am I the only one who sees another U Draw disaster ready to happen?

b_one1861d ago

This thing is fantastic for kids, reviewer speaks very good about it btw.

Capt-FuzzyPants1861d ago

But they will actually have to advertise it and we all know that isn't Sony's strong suit.

b_one1861d ago

True, Captain, True.


Btw page may not load cause it has some silly timer with and ad.

Twinkling821861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

b_one (this is response to your other comment that the page might not load)

I couldn't even get into the site at all. reloads the ad when I click skip it in upper right corner, tried waiting, but to no avail.

Site is horrible.

AND that site also broke the official embargo which is 3 days away-

CZUM1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@ Twinkling82
I don't think so. This site must have to Sony approval to publish review otherwise Plyastation Poland would not share this on it's official Facebook page.


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smashcrashbash1861d ago

What a dumb thing to say. If Wonder Book is wasting money then Nintendo is king of wasting money because they have had tons of casual things for kids.And no one told them they were throwing money away.

konnerbllb1861d ago

page won't load for me, what's the gist?

BitbyDeath1861d ago

Seems to work on the credit url -

sdozzo1861d ago

Now they just need to keep a steady flow of books etc.

GribbleGrunger1861d ago

exactly what I thought when I first saw this advertised. I think it's a great idea for casuals and kids but Sony need to support this 'after' it's released.

chukamachine1861d ago

Actually got a shock earlier.

Sony advertising it on uk tv. OMFG.

SaffronCurse1861d ago

Put in Game Of Thrones pl0x.

Cirran1861d ago

LOL Using the move to control some incest? Chopping a horses head off? Dwarf smex? And the odd bit of action?

Seriously though I like this idea.