GotNext: Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Review

GotNext writes:

"If there's one complaint to be made it's that Harvey Birdman is very short, and can be completed in a couple of sittings without any problem. There are five bonus unlockable videos to earn by exploring the dialogue trees, but seeing as that's part of the fun of the game they're not exactly easy to miss. Top it off with the Wii version of Harvey Birdman being $10 more than the identical versions on PS2 and PSP, and it's hard to recommend on a "bang for buck" basis.

The pointer control is very nice, but not $10 worth when the game can be completed in two days. If you're willing to overlook the length and price issues though, then Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law becomes a fun extension of the series, and one of the best translations of TV to game ever. If we can't get a season four of the show, then this is the next best thing."

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