Halo 4 Sets Personal Online Record in First 24 Hours

Launch day for Halo 4 wasn't just impressive, it was record setting.

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Double_Oh_Snap1863d ago

Congrats to 343 and MS, I was also apart of this statistic.

BiggCMan1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I was NEARLY not in this statistic. I wasn't able to pick it up for midnight, and I couldn't get it the next day until around 8:30pm :O So I did play a little that night, which was still inside 24 hours, happy about that! Still haven't started multiplayer yet, gotta beat that story first (that old school in me).

GrieverSoul1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I borrowed the game for the weekend from a friend who stood in line at midnight for launch. He traded shifts and now he is working this weekend! lol

Too bad I can t play multyplayer due to silver but the campaign, so far, has been awesome.

Props to 343

ambientFLIER1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Halo 3 let silver members play multi. I somehow assumed that would be the case for any Halo game on the 360...

daggertoes831863d ago

wow.... that was a great article.

MxRBrobaFett1863d ago

Wow. What a gweat awdianth. Sorry, reminded me of jimmy

r211863d ago

Yup, loved how short it was. Anyways, congrats to 343i! They've made a great sequel :D

AvidGamerrrr1863d ago

What was wrong with the article? Short, to the point with all the information and the source required.

Did you want something else? Even the article on the source is short haha

MaximusPrime1863d ago

Like every other past Halo news..

finbars751863d ago

Im not to sure what the old record but do they mean SP,Coop,waypoint and MP combined?Buecause on MP there hasnt been that many people on like I expected.Theres maybe 250,000 people on when Im on.I thought there would be alot more considering there are how many subscribers to xbox and alot of them do play Halo.Just curious.I will say this is my first Halo game and its absolutley awsome.Great job by 343 studios.

GoldenGamer1863d ago

I think the numbers are in relation to your location not worldwide, COD supposedly sells millions of copies every year but when I play i never see that many people on

finbars751863d ago

Cool thanks for the info.Wasnt really sure how the number game works in videogames when it comes to online.

Sizzon1863d ago

So happy, 343 did a great job!

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