Black Ops II Playstation 3 Texture Pack Install Size Revealed

TGH Writes: "Black Ops II is right around the corner and there has been some talk of the Playstation 3 version requiring a texture pack install for smoother running and less disc spinning on Sony's platform."

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Fil1012052d ago

I realy can't wait to play this, my only concern is that it isn't as buggy and laggy as blops 1 was on the ps3.

AiirJordann232052d ago

Hope its nothing like any COD Game There Is Only One Way To Find Out Though

blink30202052d ago Show
XB1_PS42052d ago

So, you hope that it doesn't have buttery smooth fps? You hope it doesn't have an awesome zombie mode? If it's NOTHING like any other cod, then it wouldn't have guns.. You want to have a farming simulator? Or an barbie game? COD does a lot of things right, that's why they are top dog. That's also why a lot of devs try to copy them.

I hope it keeps the good, and trims the bad.

AiirJordann232051d ago

You misunderstood. i meant like in mw3 the shot lag and spawning problems hope it keeps the good, and trims the bad. just like you said

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AiirJordann232052d ago

Good thing i have a 500GB HDD

stage882052d ago

Sounds good, I will be installing the pack.

chukamachine2052d ago

You should install the pack, seriously not sure how anyone can moan about it.

I installed everything GT5 offered.

Intentions2052d ago

Lol like a CoD game needs a texture pack.

Really looking forward to zombies tho :D, wonder if its going to be as fun as black ops 1 or better :D.

GraveLord2051d ago

Yes, it does, which is why it gives you the option.

This is used to take a load off the Blu-Ray drive. It doesn't improve graphics or performance in any way.

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