New Silent Hill V Screenshots

New Silent Hill V Screenshots.

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Homicide3687d ago

The Silent Hill series have been going downhill, but I hope this one delivers.

Bloodshedder3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

SH3 was great! cant say the same abouth the other two, buth this pics look great

T_O873687d ago

I just want it to be as good as Silent Hill 2 thats it
SH2 was and still the best horror game i played its story, game play and monters were great

Bnet3433687d ago


Lies. Silent Hill 3 was the best one. The story in SH2 was better, but the overall lack of guns and non-scary gameplay sucked.


good god man who is that on your avatar, I'd hit that all night long!!! Whoo!!!!

T_O873687d ago

I kinda agree , but i liked SH2 more cause of the story :)

m91058263687d ago

Silent Hill isn't about guns. These people aren't (except for 5) trained to use firearms, and in real life you don't just find guns lying around all over the place. Granted, neither do you find mannequin monsters, but that's besides the point. Part of what makes SH so creepy is the fact that you are stuck with melee weapons sometimes, and you do have to get up close and personal with the baddies.

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name3687d ago

All 4 of the Silent Hills were great. 4 was killed because of the repetition of the last levels. 5 will not be anything like silent hill because the creators of the games aren't doing this one. I am the biggest silent hill fan ever so I'm still buying it, but I'll assure you it will suck.

name3687d ago

In addition to that comment I'll add:

I'm still really excited for the game :)

T_O873687d ago

I dont think SH5 will suck but i also think that its not gona be the best SH game cause konami is playing safe imo

Figboy3687d ago

and i'm disappointed the original team isn't working on the game, but i'm a Silent Hill whore, so i'm getting this game anyway.

as for the series "going downhill," i don't think that's entirely true.

naturally, Silent Hill one was great.

Silent Hill 2 was also great, but it wasn't until about the third time i played through the game that truly realized it's greatness.

i loved Silent Hill 3 also. i thought it was scary, it had great atmosphere. the story wasn't as cerebral, but it was horrifying nonetheless. my fiance also liked it, because it's the first Silent Hill with a female protagonist.

Silent Hill 4 wasn't supposed to be a Silent Hill game, so it's hard for me to accept it as canon, but taken as a survival horror game, it's pretty damn scary. honestly, the only thing that hurts SH4 is the fact that the enemies are invulnerable. that's lame. if that wasn't the case, it wouldn't be so hated. well, that, and you don't actually go to Silent Hill. but really, if they had put it back in Silent Hill, it'd just be "more of the same," and people *STILL wouldn't be happy with it. SH4 was a nice break from a "proper" Silent Hill, but still connected.

Silent Hill Origins was made by an Amercian developer, so i was a little worried, and while i haven't beaten the game yet, what i've played so far i've really enjoyed. Origins helped ease a little of my worry about an American developer taking over the series.

Silent Hill V i'm still worried about, but once again, i'm a Silent Hill whore, so i'll get it regardless.

name3687d ago

@ Figboy

You pretty much nailed my thoughts. SIlent Hill 3 is my favorite of the series though. My Favorite survival horror game of all time.

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