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Mr. Mjolnir Reviews the Halo 4 Marketing Blitz

Our SPACE correspondent, Mr. Mjolnir, took some time off from flying around the galaxy shooting stuff to review the Halo 4 marketing blitz, including Double XP DoritosⓇ, Double XP Mountain Dew Game FuelⓇ, McFarlaneⓇ toys, ForwardⓇ UntoⓇ DawnⓇ and The Thursday WarⓇ by Karen TravissⓇ. (Culture, Halo 4, Mountain Dew, Xbox 360)

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NewMonday  +   710d ago
$#!t works

i have a Doritos craving now

but nothing can make me fall for mDew
Knight_Crawler  +   708d ago
LOL...Funny video!

Now I want some cheese dust :(

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