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PSLS writes: We recently reviewed the console version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and had great things to say about it. Now that we have had plenty of time to speed around in Fairhaven City with our PS Vita, we can weigh in on that version as well.

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TerminalGamer1929d ago

This m ight be my first double platinum title. Love the game on both the Vita and the PS3.

dbjj120881929d ago

Me too. I'm more addicted to the vita version though.

dbjj120881929d ago

ANYONE with a Vita should check out Most Wanted. It's basically the kind of game the Vita should have, but doesn't.

Godchild10201929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Your comment confused me a bit. How could I check out a game on the Vita that it "Should have, but doesn't"? I kind of understand what you mean, but the you missed some words at the end. Maybe you shold have added: Until Now?

Most Wanted is a great game on the Vita and Im happy criterion took the time to make it. Its what the past racing games on the Vita should have been like.

I still prefer the Original Most Wanted over this.

xursz1929d ago

WipEout 2048 is an awesome racer on viita.

Anyway great review this game plays pretty great on the vita too. I got above 70% of the trophies already.

knifefight1929d ago

It's on my non-denominational wintertime holiday gift request list.

DrDeath1929d ago

Same the vita version is the best vita game available period. AC3 is second.

WeAreLegion1929d ago

Gravity Rush and LittleBigPlanet are much better games. This is good though.

ftwrthtx1929d ago

Those are great titles in their genre, but this is the best racer by far.

Hicken1929d ago

Gravity Rush, LBP, The Show, Uncharted, Unit 13.

Plenty of great titles on Vita.

DrDeath1928d ago

That's all opinion. I thought gravity rush was childesh from the demo. And little big planet isn't better at all. I bought it and beat single player and put it down since. Either way I don't understand how so many people disagree. It's ps3 quality game, he'll it is a ps3 game and plays flawless. Its 100% the best racer and open world game available on vita.

WeAreLegion1928d ago

Because Gravity Rush isn't childish and LittleBigPlanet is the best one, to-date. Maybe you should have tried creating a level.

If Gravity Rush is childish, you probably grew up a little too much.

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The story is too old to be commented.