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Geoff Keighley's Wikipedia page has been vandalised

OnlySP writes: "It seems like the Geoff Keighley controversy isn’t going to be quelled anytime soon. We’ve just discovered that the Wikipedia page for Gametrailers journalist Geoff Keighley has been vandalized, with humorous results." (Culture, Geoff Keighley)

Abash  +   748d ago
I have to admit, I laughed
SilentNegotiator  +   748d ago
That's because it's funny. That old robot has become a representational parody of the gaming industry and its incestual relationship between publishers, reporters, and now more than ever, third party advertisers.
crxss  +   748d ago
AWWWW YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! this is perfect
knowyourstuff  +   747d ago
LOL this was more or less accurate anyway, no harm done. What, like they're telling anyone anything they didn't know? Of course he's an xbox and halo fanboy, I saw all his interviews where he couldn't believe another game could be better than Halo 3 or Gears of War 1. He was shocked when someone said MGS4 blew those titles out of the water (which it did, as well as every other Halo and Gears game for that matter).
Blacktric  +   748d ago
"In all seriousness, we find it sad to see a hard-working journalist be subjected to this, and we hope all this hooplah clears up soon."

"Hard working..."

"Journalist......... "


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FriedGoat  +   748d ago
I did too, I really hate the American entertainment game reviewers etc. Its a side to the gaming industry I wish didn't exist, It certainly doesn't need to anyway.
CAPSLOCKFURY  +   748d ago
Yeah, like it's only American ones. I seem to recall something recent with a London reviewer getting free PS3s, having a webpage plastered with Lara Croft, and crying libel when it got pointed out. It wasn't much of a story, maybe you missed it. /s
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CalvinKlein  +   748d ago
AHAHAHHAHAhAhAHAHAHAH CALL THE BUTTHURT POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It not the American's fault that little big planet karting is garbage.

Whoever did this was clearly butthurt that he liked halo so he cried a little and them went back to playing little soulless mario kart rip off.
admiralvic  +   748d ago
Let's ignore that Eurogamer is one of the most complained about outlets on this site and blame the US alone.
pixelsword  +   748d ago
@ calvin:

Your first name wouldn't happen to be Geoff, would it?
Blaze929  +   748d ago
I'm wondering why this is news - but more important news is why anyone is searching for Geoff Keighley on Wikipedia....probably the author of this article who did the edits.
wishingW3L  +   748d ago
that guy's everywhere with his doritos and mountain dew!


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Tw1st3d Fate  +   748d ago
That's messed up but I laughed my ass off.
kingPoS  +   747d ago
Thank you sir! You've just had me waste 15 min on a video soo bad, it was good.

Thank you good sir. you've made my day.

Power Rangers Cod combo, what an awesome game. lol
Y_5150  +   748d ago
This is funny! It's still up LOL
GribbleGrunger  +   748d ago
'Geoff Keighley's Wikipedia page has been vandalised' ... and Geoff Keighley get's a wage increase. Jesus, people are stupid.
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Breadcrab  +   748d ago
I'm confused; How does he get a wage increase from getting his page vandalized? Is there some kind of Wikipedia insurance out there?
vortis  +   748d ago
More Doritos advertisement = $$$
Breadcrab  +   748d ago
Yeah, but what does that have to do with Wikipedia? Unless he was just referring to Keighley's potential "wage increase" by itself, which I'm pretty sure everyone has already assumed at this point.
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LiquidSword93  +   748d ago
Vandalized? Lol wtf is this article doing here anyway??
Breadcrab  +   748d ago
It's here to inform people that a well-known gaming journalist has had his Wikipedia page vandalized and that some people will stop at nothing to berate him.
LiquidSword93  +   748d ago
Thanks for the info, but is this rly the best that N4g can do right now?....Whats going on here on this site?
PockyKing  +   748d ago
At least people actually find this funny. I'd rather have something give me a chuckle than read another top list..
kingdavid  +   748d ago
I found it rather insightful and hopefully it can educate people on the hazards of wikipedia vandalism. I hope you're doing okay Geoff.
Newsman  +   748d ago
Tissues for your issues. Man up.
mynameisEvil  +   748d ago
He wasn't in a friggin' car accident. His Wikipedia page was just vandalized... Chill bro, he's fine.
ALLWRONG  +   748d ago
Halo haters, probably from this site. Funny but sooooo obvious.
lawks_land  +   748d ago
I actually agree that this is gaming news. It shows the tenor of the discussion and people's reaction to the situation. Readers are upset with the perception of corruption, and they're lashing out.

And, it's a little funny.
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Erudito87  +   748d ago
i loled but in all seriousness i bet it was the website who vandalised it as wiki removes all these sorts of changes within a few moments and i very much doubt they had kept the wiki page of him open since the controversy waiting for someone else to do it
ninjagoat  +   748d ago
You can edit anything on Wikipedia but it changes after a few minutes again. this aint anything new :/.

"This page is currently semi-protected and can be edited only by established registered users."

Thats there for a reason.
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GraveLord  +   748d ago
Very mature. Geoff Keighly may be used as a sort of celebrity to promote upcoming games, but you never hear him personally say "This game is awesome! Go buy it now!".

If you buy a game just because Geoff Keighly hyped it up, who is the real sellout here?
pixelsword  +   748d ago
Geoff Keighly.

profgerbik  +   748d ago
Who is this person and why should I care?
Rashonality  +   748d ago
how is it vandalism when it's clearly true...@_@
azazel665  +   748d ago
They find it sad that a "hard working journalist" like Geoff Keighley has to put up with criticism but then it's okay that HipHopGamer has to put up with 10x as much?
profgerbik  +   747d ago
I used to think HipHopGamer was cool then I learned exactly why everyone thinks he is such an idiot.

N4G didn't ban him because he started rumors but they banned him because he literally has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to gaming.

What broke the camels back for me with him was when he made a video saying the Xbox 360 has better graphics than the PS3 comparing the two.

I had no problem with that but it was with the information he was telling people that literally had nothing to do with what he thought and the fact the only game he compared was freaking CoD..

He said frame rates improve in game detail and graphics, first of all what he was thinking of wasn't frame rates instead actually refresh rates but that wasn't the worst part. He went on and on about his awesome TV and how if he set it to 250Hz it would make his games look so much more detailed and improve the graphics..

Anyone with a remote clue about computing knows frame rates, refresh rates or the frequency your TV or monitor is set at have nothing to do at all with improving graphics or adding detail.

In other words he was being a complete moron making points for the Xbox 360 that had nothing to do with graphics.

I mean I can't take anyone seriously in the gaming industry especially a journalist if they don't even know what the frequency on a screen is for let alone the difference between refresh rates and frame rates.

Hz has nothing to with frame rates but is a refresh rate, everyone has seen those old computer monitors that have those horrible scan lines that you can see and they hurt your eyes because the screen is almost flashing.

That is because the refresh rate (Hz) are set very low, newer TV's and monitors have higher refresh rates and about all the human eye can really truly notice is 60Hz anyway, which is usually the basic refresh rate for most TV's and Monitors.

How HipHopGamer thought it improves graphics and added detail to his Xbox 360 CoD game was beyond me and shows exactly why people hate the guy, he has no freaking idea what he talks about and has a huge influence on others just because he is actually apart of the industry and has an appealing persona.

None of that matters to me except intelligence and HipHopGamer is lacking a lot of that. He might as well be a mindless Fan who doesn't know their ass from their elbow.
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0pie  +   748d ago
i never liked Geoff Keighley. He is a really bad tv host and always ask really dumb and empty question like "how many people worked on this game". No one care about this. He never ask real question and never challenge the people in the interview he do.
Relientk77  +   748d ago
Doritos bag haha
synce  +   748d ago
I didn't read the article and just read the wikipedia entry... there was nothing edited. Then I noticed the bag of doritos and bricks were shat.
frankiebeans  +   748d ago
all this guy is is a face he knows squat about games. I remember him from mtv i think he was the trl guy if my memory is right, i could be wrong.
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gtr_loh  +   748d ago
Who would even look up this guy on Wiki? He's such a suck up to larger companies.
darkpower  +   748d ago
That wasn't the last try. Whoever did this decided to change things up to have the picture be several copies (full size) of Jason Alexander: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/i...

That wasn't the only person the pic was changed to, either. There were pics of a cat, Teddy Roosevelt, Obama (which is sort of dangerous in of itself when you add that "sellout" type in there), Souja Boy, and a few other things. There was also one that called him a "gay pornstar". Go to the "View History" tab and you'll see a good bit of revisions that bring in any one of those attempts ( http://en.wikipedia.org/w/i... , look for those revisions with just an IP address on them).

The page is protected now, but this seemed like a huge effort to vandalize his page by a few people who seemed to have been working together somehow, so I don't doubt that this site had an easy time seeing that something was going on, since the vandals were probably using up their entire day doing this.

Would be pretty funny if the full size pics weren't brought into this (which just made it obnoxious), or if the Obama one wasn't used (which made it NOT funny given how dangerously nasty some people can be and how motivated they can get about politics).
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Bryan574  +   747d ago
Owner: 343 studios LMAO
SuperStrokey1123  +   747d ago
People need to grow up, like it or not he is one of the mist recognized people trying promote our passion. He has done more good than 1/2 of the industry. Im going to get bubbled down for this but seriously people need to give him a break and objectively look at what hes actually done for the industry instead of just attacking him. We all have made bad decisions, his are just visible.

He is still the #1 asset we have as gamers in legitimizing and bringing our hobby into the main stream
FantasticBoss  +   747d ago
I agree, I find most of this kind of finger pointing useless and in many cases detrimental. Honestly, I don't know why so many people care about the whole "Doritos" thing. TV shows have advertisers, it's how they make their money. Personally the guy seems to have a pretty decent head on his shoulders, particularly the bits I've heard form him off camera.

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