Will GTA V Succeed? Or Will it Fail?

over the past couple of months, it's been "rumors this" and "leaks that" all over the place, with some very questionable information circulating around the internet. Now, ladies and gents, we can put all those rumors and speculations to rest: Rockstar has revealed quite a lot of details about the upcoming title, and I want to share them with you. You're welcome.

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EyesAblaze1955d ago

In terms of sales: win.
In terms of story: ?

nassour1955d ago

That's the point, will the game big too big for its own good in terms of consistencies but i guess we'll just have to wait and see

Outside_ofthe_Box1953d ago

Rockstar has yet to make a bad GTA game and I don't see GTAV breaking that trend with the information we have seen thus far. GTAV will surely succeed.

ddurand11953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

we complain when we get generic games, we complain when developers take a risk. Gamers are a weird group.

i think it sounds awesome. well see how well they execute it. either way i wont be buying it till the ultimate edition is released.

Hanif-8761953d ago

I haven't played a Rockstar game where the story was lackluster. In fact, i haven't played a Rockstar game where the story was any short of brilliant!

Perjoss1953d ago

I fixed the title for you...

"Will GTA V Succeed? Or Will it Succeed?"

You're welcome.

Thatguy-3101953d ago

It will succeed whether is good or bad. Just look at GTAIV. The name has a lot of power and guarantees it success.

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claud31954d ago

It will for gaming and sales..

For many to enjoy it, up to them

Cam9771953d ago

Remember the last game made by Rockstar that failed?
Neither do I.

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The story is too old to be commented.