Halo 4 guide to Spartan Armor unlocks

XMNR: Halo 4 has approximately 45 different sets of Spartan Armor that can be unlocked by playing through the Xbox 360 game's multiplayer. We put together a list Friday showing all of the armors that can be unlocked by ranking up, earning commendations and even completing the campaign on Legendary.

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MooseWI2022d ago

Guide is off a little, only lists 5 forearms and in game I still have some I have to get to SR-48 for. Been looking for a guide like this too.

Yomaster2022d ago

Glad they made the armor a little more attainable than in Reach. By god, it took forever to unlock anything in that game! >_<

Cool guide though, that's a ton of stuff to be unlocked!

RockmanII72022d ago

I unlocked the Venator - Assassin Master armor, it's so sick.

ElitaStorm2022d ago

eat 10 doritos to unlock the next spartan armor