PSBlog: So, Today is My Last Day at PlayStation


"After five years, 5,995 blog posts, and 10,888 Tweets, today is my final day at PlayStation. We’ve accomplished a lot together: we’ve built PlayStation.Blog into one of the most influential blogs in the world, amassed the largest Twitter following in the industry and the 8th most fans in the world on Facebook (watch out McDonalds!). I mention these stats not to brag, but because I continue to be amazed at the enduring strength of the PlayStation brand and its fervent fans, whom I’ve been lucky to serve as Social Media Dudebro since 2007."

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Nawert2023d ago

Enjoy the games you missed out on Jeff and good luck!

FamilyGuy2023d ago

Wow, this is surprising.
X-play, Aots, G4 itself and now even Jeff.

Conzul2023d ago

Indeed, it is the end #2012

pixelsword2023d ago

Well, I didn't talk to you much, but you'll be missed.

guitarded772022d ago

Sucks... I like Jeff Frankenstein. He actually replied to our questions on the blog. I probably drove him nuts at times.

LiquifiedArt2023d ago

Great Job jeff!

You've really help keep playstation intouch with the fans. I wish you the best and MORE MONEY too!

OllieBoy2023d ago

Aw man :( Gonna miss Jeff.

GribbleGrunger2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

A sad day for us all. I'm wearing my blackest suit and hanging a heavy head. I'm sure you'll be able to cope with the stresses of your next 'better paid' job, and I think you deserve that probable promotion. There is a tear for you... give me a second... THERE, glistening on my cheek. I enjoyed everything you contributed to. Well done. Where's the camera? Did I get the look right? [smile and fade]

Run credits

HammadTheBeast2023d ago

Lol the guy quit his job, didn't die in a fire lol.

GribbleGrunger2023d ago

Ah! my post solicited the correct response!

andibandit2023d ago

Nobody quits the best job in the world, obviously sony told him to resign

pixelsword2023d ago

Anyone who tells me to quit will have to lay me off so I can get the unemployment unless they hook me up with another job before I "quit".

-Mika-2023d ago

I don't think he left on his own free will. I think maybe sony let him go because they're trying to save money.I personally didn't find this guy entertaining. He like Geoff Keighley. He just serious all the time. It like loosen up. No- one wants to watch an stiff and serious interviewer. That boring but that just my own opinion about him. I wish him the best and wish him luck.

Neo-Axl2023d ago

No matter where you go, No matter where you comment, You seem to be disliked.. I'm watching you Mika.

Sad to see that this dudes leaving, One of those bright voices in the gaming forums, All the best brother!.

mayberry2023d ago

Thats one of the reasons I like the HHG! very enthusiastic and entertaining!

medziarz2023d ago

Look at the top picture, he's taking a piss at his former employer's property :D

FarCryLover1822023d ago

I see no factual evidence of this.

Conzul2023d ago

Yeah, the grass looks healthy.

FACTUAL evidence2023d ago

You missed me. I'm over here.

pixelsword2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I see he's right handed...

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The story is too old to be commented.