Tatsunoko VS Capcom is no more

The deal between Tatsunoko productions and Capcom is over. click the link for more info.

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pompombrum2051d ago

Not surprised, Capcom is like a cancer on your brand. Look at all the crap they pulled with Street Fighter x Tekken, I bet Namco are pretty pissed off at them for dragging the tekken name under the mud with their DLC obsession and disc locked content nonsense.

DarkBlood2051d ago

which is why im looking forward to tekken vs. street fighter because i know its going to be the full roster

pompombrum2051d ago

Plus Namco will add all the costumes as ingame unlockables at worst and not charge you stupid amounts for them all.

LiquidSword932051d ago

Yeah true man but honestly the game just sucked considering how good it should have been been. Soulda just called it street fighter 5: tekken edition

Knushwood Butt2051d ago

They totally wasted this licence, and porting it to the Wii was an extremely dumb idea too.

crazysammy2051d ago

I am curious as to why this is all of a sudden a big deal. They haven't produced new copies of this game for quite some time, and the license has expired meaning they cannot produce anymore or "reprint" anymore copies without inking another deal. This is not a news story this happens all the time.

Chrono2051d ago

This game will be very rare soon.

Kalowest2051d ago

Heading to Gamestop, Bestbuy, Amazon, and Ebay to find it.

josephayal2050d ago

Capcom is the best company

Ben_Grimm2050d ago

They should have released this game for PS3/360. This game was virtually played by no one due to it being only on the Wii.