Halo 4 Guide: Legendary Help, Tips and Tricks

Halo 4 has a legacy when it comes to Legendary Mode. The enemies are tougher, smarter and more abundant leading to a difficult setting that would drive any hardcore gamer mad. This Halo 4 Guide will go over Legendary help, tips and tricks for dealing with even the worse case scenarios.

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Hivemind2048d ago

I couldn't be bothered to read all this so I will go ahead and post my guide.

1x Plasma Pistol
1x Precision weapon



Allsystemgamer2048d ago

Lol yea. Helps with those pesky elites that's for sure. But ammo and precision weapons are more scarce this time around (which is good lol)

mcbrid552047d ago

Ammo was amazingly scarce! I thought that was awesome. It made you pick up a ton of different weapons and not stick with the same set up the whole time.