Horse Physics

"This week Vivas spirals even further into the darkest recesses of his mind to talk about horses in video games. What are they good for? Why are they there? How do they control? And his new idea for procedural horse middleware." -PSLS

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dbjj120881988d ago

Some horse glitches are pretty awesome though.

ItsMeAgain1988d ago

RDR's horse physics are awesome.

burn1n9m4n1988d ago

Agreed, but that game is a huge exception rather than the rule. Or perhaps general tendency in this case.

burn1n9m4n1988d ago

Argh! I know! Chase sequences on horses are the worst. Though there are some notable exceptions, but they are few and far between.

knifefight1988d ago

If the horse community would drop their anti-game politics and be a little more cooperative then this wouldn't be a problem.

dbjj120881988d ago

Damn these obstructionist horse congressmen.

mayberry1988d ago

I've always said the horse physics(animations) in Shadow of the colossus were awesome. ac could use some coding i guess.

burn1n9m4n1988d ago

Well considering that that game came out so long ago, I would be surprised if they accurately modeled hit reactions. By all accounts though, you are correct.

Still, that game almost proves my point since riding a horse in that game was merely a conveyance in order to get to the next colossus. Indeed, the real crux of that game was climbing up giants and discerning the puzzle of ascending so that you could kill them.

ninjahunter1988d ago

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing.