Sony's PS3 Outsells Microsoft's Xbox 360--But Will That Last?

"For Sony, it's about time. For Microsoft, "worry time" might be upon it. What's stunning, however, is how long it took for Sony to re-assert itself in the video game console market and shift the tide that swallowed up its industry lead. Still, one month does not a trend make. Let's see what Sony does this month and next. A few more months like January and Sony can replace its "Underdog" moniker with "Comeback Kid" instead."

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bootsielon3810d ago

"Will it last?". As if Sony has used all of their ammo. MSFT better start worrying. Suddenly Japan will seem a lot more important than everyone thinks.

Panthers3810d ago

Sony does not even need to be first in America to win the console war. Now, I dont think Sony even has its eyes on M$ anymore. Sony is starting to look towards Nintendo and the crown.

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SeNiLe9113810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

is because there was no Xbox 360 Elites in the stores. It's been like this for months. Take a look at the "In Stock Xbox 360 Elite Finder Log"

the last time a major store had any stock for the Xbox 360 Elite was 11/21 03:25 PT.

Kind of strange, something fishy is going on here. I hope we hear some good newz @ GDC.

Silellak3810d ago

"Sony Soldiers" unite? Are you kidding me?

It's a corporation - just like Microsoft, Nintendo, and every major company - that views you as a giant walking walking wallet. They want your money. That's it. They have no loyalty to you, why would you have loyalty to them?

DarkSniiper3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Wrong ZONE!

Report as SPAM!!!

@Sony Soldiers - U2


XxZxX3810d ago

SeNiLe911, The shortages will last until March, so you can apply the same excuse again next month.

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SeNiLe9113810d ago

I wasn't looking for an excuse, it's just the facts, but OK. The only reason I know about it is because a friend has been looking for one for awhile now. Word from Sams club is there getting some in the next week or two.

jaja14343810d ago

Thats just disturbing on so many levels...

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XxZxX3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

it's depend on how you look at it.
If you see XBOX 360 Elite shortage is the primary reason for XBOX 360 lackbuster sales despite there are still plenty on pro and arcade as fact, then yeah i have nothing to say.

To me, it's an excuse, Elite is not the most popular one anyway. Pro and Elite has HDMI and I'm sure those who can't get elite will just buy Pro bunldes anyway since its a better deal. Keep in mind, this is what average XBOX 360 sales last year in the same time period.
so Yeah its just an excuse for MS to use until the next price drop which i believe it's march.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3810d ago

I think you have it wrong it isn't loyalty it's trust. For example with my cell phone I trust Telus 100% over any company. With the video game community they trust each company Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. It isn't loyalty, you have it all mixed up, companies aren't people. It's like someone saying a company is arrogant that doesn't make any sense.

solidt123810d ago

Agreed. They haven't even brought out the big guns yet. 2008 will be a great year for the PS3. Sony has the best line up so far this year. Microsoft needs to stop being so quiet on the games they have coming this year.

NEO_X3809d ago

like 15 different ways with blu-ray,ps3,tv's,cellphone's,c omputers and so on and so on.
and honestly nearly 100% of there time and money has gone into bluray support and now that they will be racking in the cash from this win Sony will be able to put more time/money into all of the other departments I think growth and improvments is all we will be seeing from sony for the next few years

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niall773810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

the PS3 has momentum on its side and sales are on the up while the 360 is selling how it did the same time last year

the ps also has a "big guns" in Metal Gear Solid 4 coming around GTA4 time and the combo of GTA4+MGS4 will move systems.

all them people who bought a HD DVD player will want a Blu Ray player and the ps3 is prolly the best there is.

But the 360 has some life in it and it does have the biggest cataloge of games and is cheaper so Its hard to say if the ps3 can keep ahead, it will be a intersting few months for all.

TheExecutive3809d ago

I am becoming more and more convinced that MS is going the way of HOME.

power of Green 3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

GDC can't come soon enough I fear we will be getting 100 different versions or takes on the same topic untill then.

Still think price and an equally impressive linep but not as hyped yet" will change the perceived outcome of 2008.

MSFT has always been worried they rushed the 360.

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power of Green 3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

OK the point was I'll be glad when something takes the focus off of the JAN NPD posts. lol

Dam man nervous much lol.

Not here to fight with kids. lol

Whats with all the open zone nonsense?

Boink3810d ago

pls take your fanboy kiddie crap to the open zone.

heyheyhey3810d ago


why are you so sure that GDC will be the time when the 360 "kills" the PS3 or whatever

don't forget that Sony could have more unannounced exclusives seeing as they have 5 times as many 1st and 2nd party studios and have been busy signing deals with 3rd party studios

all the MGS have announced their games- i doubt there is much left

GDC is here soon indeed

sonarus3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

i gotta give it up 2 power of green. This guy right here is a die hard 360 fan. Truly believes msoft is going to make some kind of miracle announcemnt at GDC. Well good luck to you and microsoft meanwhile i'll jst take whatever the 360 offers and whatever ps3 offers and play my games. As soon as 360 stops offering the exclusive content i desire am movign on. 360 lineup this yr isnt crap its just that ps3 line up is so much better at least based on what we have seen. Only games of interest for me are ninja gaiden 2 and gears of war. alan wake is a question mark for me need to see actual gameplay. MGS4 alone owns those 2 games. Before i add in GT5, FF13, kz2 and resistance 2

fenderputty3810d ago

I agree with you ... this has been rehashed enough. GDC can't come soon enough.

robbo9183810d ago

But still find it funny how some people suddenly are wanting NPD topics swept under the carpet but for months it was the Holy Grail of information.

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Silellak3810d ago

I always get a kick out of Sony being called the "underdog".

The PS3 sold very well last year, all things considered. None of the huge name games arrived, and the price was pretty high until the $400 40 gig came out. And yet it still outsold the 360 worldwide. How is this an "underdog"?

Not only that, but how can the company who demolished the competition last generation EVER be called an "underdog"? That'd be like calling the Yankees the underdogs because they lost a few games.

If anyone was the underdog this generation, it was Nintendo, who, despite successes in the handheld world, had lost two console wars in a row after the NES/SNES years. Suddenly "Nintendo" is becoming a bit of a household name again.

Sony was never the underdog. The PS3 just came out with a ridiculous amount of hype and yet had a slower start than expected because of the initial price combined with the negative media frenzy. It was generally assumed that once the price dropped and the games came out, sales would pick up.

TruthBTold3810d ago

PS3 in no underdog, better yet Top Dog because it won 2 gaming console generations and is competing very well in this one. Like you said the underdog is Nintendo showing to sell very well world wide coming from the Game cube which was a type of failure for nintendo. I still consider Xbox to be new to the game but i guess they quit on the xbox and wanted to start from scratch with the 360 to improve on any mistakes they had made previously. Next gen consoles Im sure xbox will improve from the mistakes they made on this one which I could only think their only mistake was the defective consoles cause apart from that they have done very well.

mr_potato3810d ago

Well actually you are both wrong.

Microsoft is the underdog.

Sony and Nintendo have both won and lost 2 console wars which makes them on a equal level.

Microsoft has come into place last gen and this gen is a viable choice with many great titles to play.

Heres hoping that GDC announces either gears of war 2 or the new TEAM ICO game for ps3.

Xeikon3810d ago

It will not last.

Microsoft will dominate the GDC with new exclusives.

nicholascage243810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

MS could release some trailers of Halo 4 but SONY can quickly counter and better that with Resistance 2 and Killzone 2


sorry my bad. GDC is being held in SF. However that wont change the outcome of anything

crck3810d ago

is always held in San Francisco.

power of Green 3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I doubt that, people are looking forward to see what MSFT's anwser's are for Sony. MSFT's space is 4 times the size of Sony's space.

The heat is on MSFT.

MSFT is actually useing CDC as a platform much like E3, they havn't done this in the past. looking forward to the KEYNOTE speech from MSFT, how bout you and Sony.

JVIDICAN3810d ago

remeber microsofts last keynote
it was a bunch of rambling. dont get ur self to hyped up or youll be facing a big letdown

power of Green 3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

No need to hate I was simply replying to ignorant(meaning of the word is not knowing) member and mentioned what I did to prove my point. Go play man its sunny outside J/K( just saying seems like your vision might be getting blurry missunderstanding what I typed).

heyheyhey3810d ago

once again i ask you people why you think that M$ has a lot more to announce than Sony

Sony has 5 times as many 1st/2nd party studios and have been busy with deals with 3rd party studios (NCsoft for example)

MGS is small- and they have announced basically all their games

M$ has a huge-ass space- so what? they are an influential company and therefore it's easy for them to hog space

and they have an hour long keynote speech- which may or may not be about the IPTV service

the way i see it M$ only has these to announce- Gears 2, KI3, Forza 3, DOA

while Sony could potentially announce (but will probably save for E3)- ICO 3, ZOE 3, RDR2 (red dead revolver), single-player SOCOM game, Jak and Daxter, Syphon Filter PS3 etc etc

and they might officially show games like Motorstorm 2 and Uncharted 2 and most likely Resistance 2

Silellak3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Remembers, a couple of years ago "Gears of War" was just a new, unproven IP.

Microsoft knows the advantages of adding new exclusive franchies to their roster. It's just a matter of whether or not they CAN do so. Unlike Sony, they don't have two generations of console war victories behind them, which goes a long way towards convincing third parties that releasing an exclusive for your console is worth it.

rhood0223810d ago


I am curious about the keynote, especially since its called

A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community

Doesn't sound like an announcement for games, but rather a new approach for LIVE, user created content maybe? Who knows

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