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Halo 4 Deserves a Quality PC Port, But It Won't Get Even a Bad One

1up - Microsoft decides to continue keeping recent Halo titles Xbox-only. (Halo 4, PC, Xbox 360)

Enmson  +   1028d ago
Windows 8 is out ,microsoft should let us try new games :)
G33K  +   1028d ago
They should make a Halo 4 and Windows 8 bundle. I'd buy that shit.
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MattyG  +   1028d ago
Yeah, let's keep our GREAT GAME (hem, hem ^) on Xbox. Why bother porting it if it'll just be worse than the Xbox version?
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1028d ago
MS isn't stupid. They know that a good number people will just pirate it on the PC. There is a reason why big games like Red Dead aren't on PC and games like GTA5 aren't releasing on PC(if at all) on the same days as consoles. Blame those that are worse than scum.
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Transporter47  +   1028d ago
Actually you'd be surprise on how many people don't pirate games and actually buy them on PC, just look at Steams success, Microsoft should release it on steam but they would never do that. You can pirate games on Xbox 360 but yet you still get sales, if you make a good product people will buy it, that's a fact
49erguy  +   1028d ago
Maybe the only way is to do a battlenet type thing with windows live. I use steam primarily like everyone else, but when I wanna play some starcraft, battlenet it is.

Not saying constant connection is a great idea, but it would mostly solve the pirating problem.
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Zha1tan  +   1028d ago
You should not make such blanket statements, Games sell well on PC and dont act like they dont.

Yes there is the scum of the earth out there but want to know why so many people pirate? Nobody releases demos anymore.

Recent surveys of PC gamers have shown that a majority pirate as a demo because games companies no longer see fit to release demos and when you dont know how a game will run on your PC that is a perfectly valid reason. Imagine going out and buying a game only to find out it is poorly optimised for nivida cards (Metro 2033) for full retail price and the game didnt have a demo so you had no inclination and it wont even run on your PC, this happened with many people who bought metro who had nividia cards including myself and I had a GTX 580 an absolute top of line card at the time.

Manys a time I have bought a game for full retail with no demo which the PC version has then had severe issues as it is nothing more than a shoddy port of a game with no optimisation. When that is so prevelent with multiplatform titles on PC without any demos to disuade me can you honestly blame me for torrenting just to see if a game will bloody work? such is the modern games industry, snake oil salesmen at work.

Also another point is look at the absolute disgrace that GTA V was on PC, that was an utter mess of a game, You could not even run SLI on the game or a high end card like mine because it would interpret it as a low end card and you would get terrible frames.

This was never patched either and the mess that was GTA V on PC was never patched at all.

Max Payne 3 also has bad issues especially with the online and I dont think it has recieved a patch at all.

SO when companies like R* have a track record like this you can hardly turn around and blame the consumer since the service R* have provided to PC users is absolutely terrible, they also refused refunds for the PC edition of GTA V but thankfully steam refunded me.

There is always two sides to a story friend and dont tar everyone with the same brush.
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Rivitur  +   1028d ago
Pretty good point but some people use sites like canyourunit to see if a game can run on you PC though its not 100% accurate at times. Also you mean GTA IV not V however if you did mean GTA V then your pirating is on another level...
pandehz  +   1028d ago

canyourunit is like reading the back of the dvd for system requirements.

It does not clearly say 'This game is not optimized for 70% of the pc's, plz look at the list below and see if u are the unfortunate one lol'
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urwifeminder  +   1028d ago
I wish they would bring it to pc i hardly play consoles anymore i guess halo 4 will be my last 360 game.
KMCROC  +   1028d ago
It's fine where it' at , beside according to most PC gamers they have all sorts of games that they don't need console games.
ShaunCameron  +   1028d ago
Yeah. And I bet you that most of them are pirated. LOL
TekoIie  +   1028d ago
Gotta agree with you there!

Every time I talk about a console exclusive shooter there'll be a PC player who says this:

"Its got nothing on PC shooters! You know on PC its a mediocre game".
aNDROiD17_  +   1028d ago
galo sucks, we dont want it
Gordon_Shumway  +   1028d ago
Them grapes is sour, eh?
ItsTrue  +   1027d ago
Sorry but I think you're referring to the wrong game. This article is about Halo 4.
ALLWRONG  +   1028d ago
Piracy will keep Halo 4 from going to PC.
Rivitur  +   1028d ago
But a good emulator wouldn't...in time young one in time ; P
ALLWRONG  +   1027d ago
have fun waiting 5 years
Rivitur  +   1027d ago

Isn't that better than waiting for never?
Plagasx  +   1028d ago
"PC gamers are pirating pricks! You guys good for nothing low level scums that will no doubt pirate the game that belong to the biggest franchise in gaming history. Rockstar and Take Two know this very, very well! That is why they are releasing it on consoles first so that all the die hard GTA fans that PC pirating pricks will be forced to get it on console. After Rockstar feels they got sufficient sales THEN they’ll release it on PC and can afford for PC pirating pricks to pirate GTAV away!

Consoles > PC ALL DAY EVERY DAY since the NES first launched!!!! You PC scum can go back to playing World of Warcraft and looking in the news paper for job openings so that you can make enough money to update your constantly and already outdated PCs while waiting for GTA5 to release on your scumy platform. All the while I enjoy playing GTAV. LOL so much for PC being superior to consoles. You can’t even play GTAV the biggest game coming out next year. LOL!"

I just thought I'd share this. I found this post on a gta forum...It really makes me mad.
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nofallouthero  +   1027d ago
who cares its just halo

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