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Encountering Halo 11 Years Later

1up - How does the Xbox's defining experience hold up if you've never played it before? (Halo, Xbox, Xbox 360)

dazbobaby  +   658d ago
The original Halo was brilliant (for the time) but it doesn't hold a candle to today's games.
Irishguy95  +   658d ago
It has mediocre level design by todays standards. After playing it again there is only one level I really like.


It was also the last level of Halo 3, or at least, they took place on the same part of the Halo
vulcanproject  +   658d ago
I think it still does. It doesn't have to rely on endless gimmicks to be a classic. Quality intriguing storytelling and voice acting, superb level design. Only the library is outright poor. Assault on the control room and the silent cartographer are epic. The simplicity of the gameplay is made to run and run because of the excellent balance of the controls and weapons.

In terms of single player I don't believe that any of the halo games afterwards are a match for it including Halo 4...so much for not being as good as today's games.

It still stands as one of the best single player experiences of all time and one of the best campaigns to play through with a friend.

As someone who still puts a huge value on a top class single player experience and playing games with friends in the same room, not many other games even today can recreate that fun and excitement.

In fact Halo was the game that made a member of my family who had no interest in games whatsoever previously buy an xbox, basically just to play it.

Its just the case of other games today often lack that magic of the original halo. It is true that it is harder to do something not done before today but the fact is less and less developers try.

That is sad.
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opoikl  +   658d ago
Having stuck to the Playstation brand for 3 entire generations, I finally caved in and bought my first non-Sony console since the original Gameboy upon seeing the video reviews for Halo 4 (and got a pretty sweet deal too): 250 Euro for a new Xbox360 + Halo 1 (anniversary), 2, 3, ODST, Reach and 4.

Even though I feared that the first two games would be a drag to complete (having recently played the terribly aged Killzone HD) I was actually blown away by the brilliance of Halo 1's campaign.
The gameplay counts as perfect to me, all of the objectives are clear and logical, characters have believable motives, the pacing is phenomenal (I'm a sucker for down-time, which lets me soak in the surroundings and atmosphere), the setting is almost as intruiging as the Alien universe and the soundtrack is out of this world. I can't believe that I wrote a Master's thesis last year on Video Game Music without mentioning Halo 1, with its inspired mix of adrenaline-pumping classical suites, 80's soft porn-style synths and beats and haunting melodramatical melodies.

Even though a large portion of the campaign categorises as backtracking, it just never feels that way. The people working at Bungie must have been clearvoyant, because this game does right what so many current gen products aspire but fail to accomplish. I truly hope that the experience keeps on getting richer and deeper while I work my way through the Halo franchise. I'm rediscovering my childlike love and fascination for gaming, all thanks to Halo. I'm loving this.
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from the beach  +   658d ago
I also played it for the first time through Anniversary and really enjoyed it.

It struck me that even a decade ago games were considerably more challenging due to various design standards that have changed.
Adropacrich2  +   658d ago
The best Halo for sure but I'm very much enjoying this new one too. Each sequel has been good in it's own way but not on the same page as Halo1 as far as campaign gameplay is concerned

The Library is an exceptional level but one that has the same type of relentless action during it's long level duration. Bad it is not for the fact that Flood is actually well done in Halo1- it's almost as if this level is a spiritual successor to the original Doom. People tend to dread this level and I can understand why but the idea that it's a rubbish level on the basis of essentially the same stretch of architectures and encounter types are missing the point. And encounters from one to another are set up differently anyway. This level certainly has it's fans
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