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Need for Speed Most Wanted Review - PlanetXbox360

From the featured PX360 review:

"Let's just call Need For Speed Most Wanted what it really is – a spiritual successor to the 2008 release Burnout Paradise. After all, it has a lot in common with that classic driving experience. It's made by the same team at Criterion Games; it takes place in a fictitious city, this time dubbed Fairhaven, where you can literally pull up around any corner and find some sort of racing challenge; and, in a nice fix that ailed The Run, you can actually ram cars off the road again, leaving them in a twisting wreckage while you speed on using a newly acquired boost." (Need for Speed Most Wanted, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9/10

morkendo23  +   609d ago
for once this journalist is correct. this game NOTHING more than BURNOUT PARADISE. as hotpursuit was. returning both games to retailer was a breeze. in hotpursuit you could not!!! use same car more than once unless ur playing the same track. the car handling was horrible the controller set-up was unbelievable staying on the road was like trying to drive straight on ice road. Mostwanted all i will say "oh' my God" EA please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this game is like driving around in your town looking for local races or feel like your driving to the Mall. EA take back the key developement kit. are you guys SERIOUSLY trying to kill off NFS delibrately?? with this shee-it criterion issuing out. do we gamers want to pretend it is BURNOUT for wreck-crashing heeee-haw of a fun game?? i should say not we want NEED FOR SPEED. i'll give this game score F!!!!!for cloning, F for FAILURE!!!!!! F for sucking!!!! F for craptasticoljunk

this is a personal experience report.
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DrDeath  +   609d ago
Wow quite the post. You left your basement lately? the games just fine. its a marvel on the vita. i wouldnt ever buy for Ps3 or xbox but its sick on vita. awesome graphics and everything is sweet. very burnout tho yes. whys that so bad? i didnt even like burnout but i like most wanted. go figure. everybody bitches because they cant put spinners on their corvette now. i for one dont give a damn about that i'm not thirteen anymore and were on like the seventh fast and furious movie. people need to grow up yourself included
DrDeath  +   609d ago
Ps. After this post morkendo23 Sent me a private message whining about need for speed like a child. grow up buds

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