Our Video Editor’s Current Favorite Thing In New Super Mario Bros. U

Kotaku - Kotaku video editor Chris Person declares that the best part of New Super Mario Bros. U is the game's Boost Rush Mode, in which the sidescrolling game sidescrolls faster as you collect more coins.

Chris is a man of taste and a devotee of Dyad. Speed-racing is his thing. He hasn't played that much of NSMBU, so maybe he's missing something even cooler. For now.. please enjoy Chris' current favorite thing.

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slugboss1295d ago

TOO Looks like it slows down when not collecting coins for awhile, or at least stops making that annoying max speed noise.

jon12341295d ago

thats it??? i thought it would be faster....

guitarded771295d ago

It doesn't look fast while observing, but as soon as you get behind the controller, you find out how fast it is.

Jihaad_cpt1295d ago

have to agree I was expecting it to be faster. Sonic won't be to worried yet

optimus1295d ago

"boost rush mode"... Reminds me of sega's "blast processing"...only it doesn't seem fast at all... The game does look pretty though, but it's going to take more than this mario game to make me run out and get a me metroid then we'll talk.

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