Interview: A New Beginning (Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS)

As Capcom's Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barboros' Treasure has so successfully demonstrated, the Nintendo Wii's Remote controller and point and click adventures go hand in hand together, leading to what many feel will be the resurgence of a genre popularised on the PC and seeing its peak during the 1990s. German developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment are of that ilk and are currently working hard on the graphic adventure described as an "eco-thriller", A New Beginning, for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

Nintendic recently caught up with the firm's Claas Paletta to find out how its latest project is coming along. Amongst a lot of chatter about the game, he revealed that A New Beginning is one of Daedelic's most ambitious builds to date, interesting details on the game's controls and how the company hopes to lure back the legions of gamers who have largely turned their back on the point and click genre.

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hope this game comes along nicely.