GT5 Exclusive Interview With Producer Kazunori Yamauchi part 2

GT Channel had a chance to interview the creator/producer of Gran turismo series, Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi.

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kingOVsticks3834d ago

this game look so real that its creepy >_>

Kain813834d ago

and this one is realy realy close to Realistic

CaliGamer3834d ago

He seems like he worked really hard to put a quality game together. Also, he was just really honest with his responses and seems to be trying to take GT in a direction that will please longtime fans as well as entice new ones.

Lord Anubis3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

this is a duplicate story.

MUGEN3834d ago

this is part 2, learn to read better.

Lord Anubis3834d ago

oops, you suck! [runs away]


I'm glad they are still ways off to taking full advantage of the PS3 after all is their first game, it makes me wonder how GT 6 would look like.

bigrob1233834d ago

i just wish theyd bring back the race modifier for gt and gt2 the only thing ive missed from the later gts