PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Director On Choosing Characters, Vita Development

Siliconera- The initial PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster has 20 playable characters and Superbot plans to expand that number through downloadable content. We met with Omar Kendall, the director of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at Superbot Entertainment, to talk about the process of getting characters for the mascot fighting game and how they developed the PlayStation Vita version.

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smashcrashbash2198d ago

It is what they have been saying from a long time ago. It is not easy to get anyone not even first party characters.So all the idiots saying 'Why didn't you get this person and that person' needs to go to the companies themselves and ask them why they refused. People think business is just so simple that everyone else just listens to anyone that comes and asks you something. That SE gives a $hit if you want Cloud or not and that they don't have their own priorities and goals and that they will just drop everything and say 'sure we all know the fanboys want Crash so here take him. In fact take Neo Cortex and Spyro and anything you want'.

People who say these thing sometimes forget that everything that is done withing a company even a gaming company is done by business decisions not listening to fanboys tears and griping. Therefore their are limits to what you can do. Like the people who constantly say SSB has more characters. Of course they do because everything belongs to them. Why do you think they left out Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Maximo and Fire Brand who would have been better then Toon Link, Dr Mario, Captain Falcon and Game and Watch? Because they knew how freaking hard it is to talk to several different developers that have opposing views and their own ideas and terms.

Imagine going to twenty plus developers, each one with their own terms and having to haggle and refuse and deal with them even if they are being unreasonable.They went to find twenty individual characters instead of doing something like take three characters from Sly and two from Jak and four from Ratchet and five from Twisted Metal etc like Nintendo did with Smash Brothers. At least seven characters from Mario, three from Zelda, at least five Pokemon, three from Star Fox etc.So they actually have more variety then any other game. Nineteen characters from completely different games with Evil Cole being the only exception. So instead of beating them up over it I think we should be applauding Superbot for making the effort instead of [email protected]$$ing it with the characters. They could have easy route and just taken more characters from each of their first party games and not even bother so much with other but they didn't take the easy way out.And even better they are still bargaining for more of them.

Jinkies2198d ago

How do we know what they went through to get the characters, everyone of your Playstation All Star comments is you bashing other people down for wanting more out of this game, theres so much more potential and the characters, especialy third party was one of the key things to make it even better. Why is it Gabe Logan isn't in the game, he's a first party character, why did they select someone like New Dante or Big Daddy over him, how about Metal Gear Rising Raiden over Old Snake a key character for the PS this gen with Metal Gear Solid 4, why would they allow Risings Raiden instead of Old Snake, Kojima has a good relationship with Sony so obviously something has went on behind closed doors, maybe it works out like free advertiisng for Konami and the Metal Gear Rising game...hell wha about Evil Cole being in the game, someone like that is a DLC character, if I found out I have to pay for Crash, Spyro, Old Snake, Gabe Logan or Tombi instead of them being there from the start OVER Evil Cole then I will be ticked off.

"So all the idiots saying 'Why didn't you get this person and that person' needs to go to the companies themselves and ask them why they refused"

Seriously was there any need to call people idiots, you get so defensive when people question some the things not chosen for the game, it's not like people are hating on it. You might be fine with how it is now but with so many people been screaming out for this game since the PS2, obviously people want them to get it right.

Fact is they have a choice who to put in the game, they have a ton of first party character who they could of easily used instead. Take New Dante for example I would of went "No thanks we don't want to use the new version" and then added a first party chaacter to take his place, Capcom would be shocked that a small studio rejected them and when the game does well they will be kicking themselfs they didn't go by Superbots rules.

At the end of the day you have to realise we don't know how much they put up a fight when choosing characters. It's easy to say they did but we just don't know

smashcrashbash2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

All that wall of text can be answered with a single sentence. They are not their characters. They are not in control of them and cannot make them give them up. It is obvious when you have to talk to several people each one with opposing ideas you will come into conflict along the way. Why do you think Nintendo only opted for two characters outside of the Nintendo universe for Brawl? Because it is damn hard to get characters that don't belong to you especially since the people who own them can hold you over a barrel and have all the cards. What will happen to them if they refuse? Nothing. If you refuse them they don't care.

If I say 'Give me Crash now'. All they have to do is say 'Why should I?' and if you leave it is your lose not theirs. The same thing with everyone else. Why should Kojima give you Old Snake. Does he have any obligation to do so?' No. So if he gives you Raiden what will you do, go home and tell your bosses that you told Kojima to f**k off because you didn't want Raiden and ask for more money to talk to someone else? Yeah that will get you fired.Capcom said that they want New Dante because the new Dante is Dante no matter what you say. They stand their ground and say 'This is Dante'. so they aren't going to put Old Dante in PASBR so people can mob them and ask 'Why can't you put old Dante in the new game if you can put it in PASBR'.

The reason I call people who go on about this is because you are idiots. You can't see the complications of business you only think of it with fanboy thought. You think Activision should give you Crash and you think that they are so kind and generous that they will give him to you in the name of fanboyism and nostalgia and not try to take advantage of the situation.You think that all the developers will just hand you everything you want because you said you want it. Look at Capcom. They refuse to change Dante no matter what. Just imagine trying to convince the very same stubborn people to give you Old Dante when they insist that this is Dante.

Like I said you and so many others only see the situation through fanboy glasses and not reality. It may sound like a good idea to a fanboy to run around leaving huge gaps in the roster while chasing after characters that are not assured while ignoring the ones being offered to you while constantly delaying the game until you get what you think are 'essential' characters all while ignoring deadlines and budgets but in the real world that is not plausible or realistic.Sucker Punch said they wanted Evil Cole and Good Cole. So to ignore Sucker Punch and leave out Cole to chase after what you might not get as opposed to what is given to you IS idiotic.

Remember in the end it is Superbot that is basically 'begging' for characters to use not the developers they are asking.This is why I am glad people on N4G don't run businesses. You would spend billions of dollars if necessary and go bankrupt just so you can get Crash and Spyro in PASSBR.You would do ANYTHING Activision wants just so you can get two characters in and ignore everyone who is handing you some.And if you can't see why that is stupid then I can't help you.

jukins2198d ago

lol wow did you, or can you might be the better question, read the comment or read the article? You say why this character why this character ITS NOT UP TO SUPERBOT EVEN IF IT IS A FIRST PARTY CHARACTER!!!!! let that soak in.

Jinkies2198d ago


Oh I read it, I just can't believe bullcrap in my opinion.

jukins2198d ago

well if its total bullcrap feel free to go ask each and every developer and demand the characters you feel should be in the game. I'm sure you'll get it done where superbot couldnt. heh

Outside_ofthe_Box2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

You can't blame SuperBot for the lack of some of the most iconic and popular characters in PlayStation, but that doesn't change the fact that it's disappointing though.

Anyway the beta made the characters less of an importance to me with it's surprisingly fun and deep gameplay. Best beta I've ever participated in.

MaxXAttaxX2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

That's an unrealistic expectation. Especially for third-party chraracters. And even for some first-party characters.
There are limitations is game development, whether it's time constraints, man power, budget, etc.

Omar Kendall has expressed their interest in Crash from the beginning and how he was one of the very first characters considered. But it's up to Activision, NOT SuperBot.
Why is that so hard to understand!

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RmanX10002198d ago

I think Wild Arms really got shafted in this game :S 5 games and a remake of the first, and not even an item to show? I dont know... Seems like priority is messed up. I mean, Fat Princess is a fighter, and she was in one game. JUST ONE and a remake. Both of which were just about capture the flag. Maybe they'll surprise people with DLC but there needs to be more love for the slightly more obscure franchises. Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon, etc.

LiquifiedArt2198d ago

Kat from gravity rush is a just to represent vita and its first party!

izumo_lee2198d ago

We all know there will be DLC for this game but do not be surprised that the 3rd party characters will cost quite a bit. Remember 3rd party developers/publishers have the right unfortunately to charge as much as they want.I do hope that at least 1st party character DLC will be free or at least reasonable.

Just be glad we got 20 characters right off the bat. When the original Smash Bros. was released there were only 12 characters. So when Superbot gets the chance to make a sequel than the sky is the limits on how many characters they can add. That is why we need to support this game so that Superbot gets that opportunity to create another game.

jukins2198d ago

If you read the article you can clearly see that even 1st party devs have the right to refuse use of their character. So expect all dlc characters to cost same. Besides how would you feel if you were a dev and you seen that they were getting more money for their dlc than you were for yours.

majiebeast2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Yeah i dont blame superbot for not getting the few third party characters we been screaming for.

Square enix has always been a hard ass about their characters just look how long it took before LBP finaly got the FF7 costumes they dont care about fans otherwise ffversus wouldve been out by now.
Activision is just gonna try and get 25-50% of dlc profits when they let Superbot use Crash and Spyro.

What i really want to see in dlc packs speaking first party only.

-Gabe Logan
-White knight from wkc

Third party Abe is a must cause add water genuinely wants him in the game.

Capt-FuzzyPants2198d ago

Sephiroth was in a fighting game before I think. It could've been a mod but I don't think it was.

Omegabalmung2198d ago

The game was called Ehrgeiz and it was also published by Squaresoft.