IGN-When Vikings Attack Review

IGN:History hasn’t always painted the Norse culture in an accurate light. Sure, the Vikings did their fair share of pillaging and razing, but they were also a brilliant seafaring people. Did you know they reached Newfoundland in Canada nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus accidentally collided with the Caribbean? Now you do.

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smashcrashbash1899d ago

Again with the strangely low score. Is this some sort of assault against the VITA or something. While most people came up with at least an 8 somehow you guys came up with 6.5? Are you guys high or something?

OllieBoy1898d ago

IGN's being super harsh with their reviews lately. Oh, outside of Halo 4 of course.

Cam9771898d ago

It's IGN, they only review Xbox games, COD and some rarer games high.

3-4-51898d ago

well....I mean it's a stupidly simple game that seems like it would get boring after 3-4 rounds.

You just run/ walk around and pick things up and throw them.

What about abilities, or attributes, or special moves, or multileveled maps, or bigger/ larger maps.

It's basically you standing 10 feet from somebody throwing a huge object at a large target/s...

Seems amusing but not something I'd invest any more than $5.00 into.

To me, it could have been a great game. It looks like 10 % of an original idea. Like instead of making a game, they just made/created a game around one simplistic idea.

GribbleGrunger1898d ago

Well, well, IGN. It's starting to become quite transparent.

Series_IIa1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The tears never cease.

You just need to accept the fact that not every game which comes out is going to be top notch, people have varying opinions on whats classed as a good or bad merit, that MS hasn't paid of IGN with its reviews just for Sony and that everyone is out for Sony.

You always cherry pick your articles when saying Sony just has the media bias against them, then its only the bad reviews you go and comment on and start creating some benign theory as to whats going on, but the only reason why you don't see much bias against MS or Nintendo is the fact you ignore it, a quick search for media bias on N4G and a quick Google Search will remedy you thoughts on just media bias against Sony.

Toman851898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I can say a great example why media is against Sony
A article on said something bad about Sony Vita and their investors in a Ipad Mini review.

What is that all about I can not tell.
IGN app is on X360 so I should have guessed this score. Every PS3 game that have come out this year have tasted pretty badly on IGN like LBP Karting and much more.

More sites contiunes to do so, pretty sad really
This come from a hardcoregamer with Xbox 360 Halo 4 Edition, PC, PS3, Vita, 3DS XL and Wii this gen

GrandTheftZamboni1898d ago


It's actually quite simple: those sites make living from advertisers and they don't want to piss them off, otherwise they may invest their advertising dollar elsewhere. We can only guess if they have personal interests (e.g. shares). I normally just add 1 point to Playstation exclusives to average on Metacritic.

SilentNegotiator1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

"The tears never cease"

Indeed. In fact, look in this mirror, Series.

People always cry about "fanboys" when obvious favoritism is pointed out.

jukins1898d ago

i understand the game is shallow and there's not too much depth to it but its a quick pick up and play game for $10 bucks ($7 if PS+)on two consoles with fully implemented online. i just dont get it. i find the game quite fun with a co-op partner or even the vs mode. maybe it is ign really being harsh maybe because its a playstation title its judged like a full game who knows but yea its def better than a 6.5

brettyd1898d ago

People who think IGN has something against the Vita are rediculous. The playstation team loves Vita ( just listen to their podcasts ) but is harsh on the games because their just not that good. They have higher standards. The people who review games like Halo and COD are not the same people that review PS games, stop comparing them. There is no conspiracy, take the aluminum foil off your heads.

r211898d ago

Higher standards of games...Arent games supposed to be fun and reviews for games to show if said games are fun to gamers? Not to show that it is up to IGN's standards :L

kopicha1898d ago

well I like their topic "Clever but Repetitive". Tell me that Angry Bird is not repetitive and that gets a 8.8/10? Extremely double standard.

eferreira1898d ago

wow, ign having a different opinion than the masses again. Oh well. If you like it, buy it.

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