Top 11 Resident Evil Enemies

With our Zombie month in full swing and the release of Resident Evil 6 relatively fresh we take a look at our favorite enemies from the Resident Evil games.

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1626d ago

The Bella sisters battle was pretty damn intense!

Skate-AK1626d ago

Haha I wonder why 11 instead of 10.

hkgamer1626d ago

just stupid people who want to make a top10 but couldnt decide.

you also see alot of top X exclusives of X console, which basically lists every single exclusive there is.

Feldman90001626d ago

There's 11, and still no hunter. FAIL. I also say the bat from 5, and the plants from 2. Not to mention where's Nemesis? Crappy list.

thordur1626d ago

I've never been a RE fanatic but after reading this list... boy I've got some work to do.